Might of the Earth Set Dungeon so broken

I took it upon myself to try and clear all the set dungeons before S16.
Out of all of them, the Barbarian one for Might of the Earth seems the most broken.
It's walking a fine line between being to slow or outright overkilling elites before one can combo the 3 abilities needed. Even with removing ALL gear except the set and the a single 1 hand weapon I easily overkill the elites.

With S16's buffs to sets, it will only become more difficult to find that perfect line.

I've got no idea what the devs were thinking with this joke of a set dungeon, it's infuriating.
Ya, dungeons will need a total rework, there will be a lot of issues in next season with few of them.
There are a few dungeons like that, and I found them frustrating too. I don't recall mote being too bad, but I did it when set bonuses were lower, so maybe the problem dungeons are different now.

I can understand needing a certain group of skills, or having to play in a certain way, because that helps your overall play. I can't understand needing exactly the right dps, no more and no less, because you never need that in game.

I only ever touch Immortal Kings, gotta love how seriously mindnumblingly easy it is.

I had issues of power with MoTE's set dungeon when we were still 1200%. I eventually cleared it by taking off almost every other piece of armor, and several infuriating attempts.

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