Monk questions: Hybrid Inna build

My first season playing as a monk at least within the past couple years if not longer. I play almost exclusively as part of a duo/trio with a good friend and my gf who play IK HoTA barb and N6M4 cluster DH respectively.
I have created a sort of hybrid? custom build for my monk so far this season using Inna's 6pc bonus to offer up a chunk of 'free' support and utilizing Cyclone Strike and EP around the rest of the build.
Link to the base idea of my current build:
Basically I do no dmg up front and rely purely on my barb and DH friends to trigger my AoE wide EP explosions (which currently hits hard enough to nearly instantly clear entire pulls including elites <up to GR85 which is currently the highest we pushed, with little to no issues>)
So for my questions;
What are the best TANK legendary gems to stack? I am currently running lv70 Moratorium, Gorgek swiftness, and Molten wildbeasts gizzard. The idea was to try and get an almost 35% dmg 'reduction' by using MWG and any additional healing in the build to kind of handle the incoming staggered dmg and using GS, dodge passive, and Dashing strike rune to get insanely high dodge chance vs melee's for when I build up massive blobs of mobs via cyclone and implosion. However I am not sure I am feeling any real mitigation currently from the Mora+MWG combo, or I am just so soft that I would fall over if not for them, not entirely sure.

Best active skill to offer a dmg boost to my grp? was thinking of of putting Mantra of Conviction - Annihilation but does the active actually offer any kind of dmg boost? the Inna 2pc boosts Mantra's passive by 100% making it seem like activating MoC useless? There any option I am missing to offer a dmg boost to the grp?

If I switch out GS or Moratorium or even MWG for say, Esoteric, can I get away with dropping Harmony passive for a more well rounded mitigation passive? Or even slot Unity instead?

Overall I am thoroughly enjoying this build and its concept. We are not looking to be leaderboard heros but rather just push as far as we can with the builds we enjoy most. I feel like the two biggest weaknesses for my monk atm is lack of being able to tank pulls once I clump them up nicely and what will certainly become lack of dmg as it becomes harder for them to drop the first mobs on a pull to trigger EP and being basically a zdps, aura bot vs RGs. If I can find a way to even offer a boost to their dmg even if it does not result in me doing dmg directly, I would feel much better about the build.
so you wanna play monk or slave? yeah, dh and baba are strong but a decent equipped inna wol ltk, uli, lon wol ltk or gen deals enough dmg. no tank needed. if you dont want to deal dmg try a healer or a supp barb, but even then you not take any def gem, then you go for grp buff gems.
I'm enjoying the Monk and really do like the feel of this hybrid tank/grp buff/EP idea. Guess I'm just looking for a way to improve my grp utility/buffs. Thinking of taking out Gungro bracers for Strongman bracers to give a 30% dmg increase on mobs I pull with cyclone and just use 7sided strike to apply the EP procs. Would still like to run tanky legendary gems tho to help me with building up larger pulls/clusters.
Well you will never have enough dmg if you go for tank. Of course you can play like you want but you will be 5th wheel on a car except you go for no dmg at all and play a healer. Or just do dmg but then do it.
Your SSS / EP will never deal enough to keep with dh or baba. You can just go play Uliana Build. This gets huge defensive options and you start dealing dmg. Uli Build you can see eg on eu server the third place ladder non season or there is a 119 clear with the build.
I'm not willing to press you somewhere - but not wrong to know the truth, your tank / dd hybrid is non optimal in groups. If you can accept it, fine, just taking an eso as gem is enough for being tanky and you can play a normal build - but you see, there is missing your dmg.
I know you are describing this monk setup as a tank monk but bear with me when I call it a support monk. They are quite tanky and provide a lot of utility/protection for the group as a whole, even if some builds are built to do more than just heal.

Ok, so I can see you are revolving much of this build around applying EP and getting your team to create a big "Kaboom." Quite a fun playstyle and I know exactly why you find it appealing. All I can give you are my thoughts on some changes you can make. Some will be quite drastic, but it is a support playstyle with EP that I am familiar with. Much of these support builds you can be a little flexible with how/what you run in your gear/skills to accommodate your playstyle and what your group needs.

As Atomfurz suggested, if you are going to be running anything like this, I would recommend dropping anything that is damage related in your gear. Below are some more specific suggestions in regards to what I see on your profile:

    1. I would recommend you forgoing the 6-set for Inna and keeping the 4-set. 6-set bonuses are all about damage and, in a support build, you care nothing for it. It is all about augmenting your group to absolutely waylay into the enemies and keeping them alive. I would definitely recommend forgoing the helm and SSS as well and apply EP through the two-set bonus of Uliana. If you use Crippling Wave - Tsunami skill (or some other spirit generator that will debuff the enemy) with a bunch of attack speed on your gear, you will be applying EP all over the place. Fast attack speed with spirit generators will also keep you alive (I'll explain more below). With all this said, you won’t need that Madstone helm, so go ahead and use either Innas or Uliana.

    2. Use passives like resolve, unity, beacon of ytar, alacrity, and yes, harmony. Harmony is an awesome passive and I wager it is mandatory for all builds. Just be sure you have the secondary resists on there.

    3. Your jewelry currently isn't doing much for you. Convention of Elements in your cube is really not helpful since you probably aren't dealing that much damage to begin with. Endless walk combo is more useful for DPS roles, and Bul Kathos Wedding Band is overall not ideal. Replace these with something like Oculus Ring (your DH will love you for it), Band of the Rue Chambers (nice synergy with spirit gens and you won't need to worry about spirit costs), Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, and a Hellfire Amulet with a good passive and nice defensive stats.

    4. Little Rogue and Slanderer are awesome. Roll some CDR and Attack Speed on there, socket some amethyst gems and you will be golden. Put weapon cube slot flying dragon in the cube for some crazy bursts of speed! For that matter, be sure to roll AS and CDR all over your gear. You DO NOT want DPS stats such as CHC, CHD, AD, etc.

    5. Instead of Gungdo Gear, go ahead and put in Spirit Guards on top of those Lefebvre’s you’re wearing. Remember the survivability you mentioned? Spirit Guards take care of this if you use a spirit gen along with LS shoulders. Also, Gungdo won't really be needed since you are applying EP everywhere with your crazy high attack speed. Strongarm Bracers are good to put in the cube since they are procced all the time from your Cyclone Strike (you can wear the better of the rolled bracers, doesn't really matter which is in cube).

    6. For legendary gems, my go-tos are Iceblink, Gogok, and Gem of Efficacious Toxins. I don’t think you will need Esoteric but feel free to play around with these as you see fit. Those three are the ones I felt helped the most.

    7. For skills, a lot of this is up to your own playstyle. You can take a look at what my own support monk (name: Facepalm) has for skills but you will need to fit an EP skill in there somewhere. For the rune, impending doom is certainly my favorite run but support monk will, unfortunately be wise to run flesh is weak since I think impending doom is tied to your own damage output which is terrible. Someone can correct me if this isn’t the case though.

There are plenty of other things to talk about since there is a lot that can go into gearing a support monk and tuning it to your playstyle and to accommodate your group. Hopefully, this gives you some things to think on.

It’s really hard to kill a zmonk even without stacking all defensive gems

Maybe try toxin or iceblink to buff party damage?
@Averic; I had looked into one of the Icy-veins zmonk 4pc Inna builds and as pure support I can see where they are useful. I was mainly thinking of keeping 6pc Inna just to add that 7,500% dmg to EP - which as you said is triggered from the barb/DH in my group killing things, not me directly. I can see where somewhere in the GR100s+ where the EP explosion from a monk whos not stacking full dps may become to lack luster to hold any value, will see when that time comes.

I was playing with oculus ring for a bit and it came down to us not being that much of 'try hard' players or lack of paying attention haha and we found ourselves more often than not missing the oculus drop or not bothering to move our pulls to better cash out on them, so I decided to drop it. Bul-Kathos/CoE were just what I could think of that would even do anything for me - even if little.

I may try going to a hellfire amy tho so I can keep my passives while picking up unity without having to drop harmony. Now that I am running GS legy gem and the 35% dodge passive I am thinking just an esoteric gem might be enough to help push my toughness over to where I need it.

Earlier I came to the same conclusion of dropping gungro bracers and I opted for the strongman bracers to help enhance the groups dmg with CS, good move there.

Using 2pc Uli is a neat idea, but I feel like if I drop below 6pc bonus I might as well just not place any dps skills on my bar at that point and just stack all healing/mitigation cds? So I guess I am trying to keep the dmg set bonus to remain a little bit of dps relevancy while squeezing as much 'support' out of it as well. Is it meta? No probably not, but we enjoy it and was just looking for suggestions for improve upon it as we prepare to start pushing 90+ GR soon.

As far as EP impending doom being tired to the monks personal dmg stats, that was my thoughts and pretty much the primary if not only real reason as to why I was keeping 6pc Inna + crude boots. If someone can confirm that impending dooms dmg is based off the player who triggers it, then hell I'll go zmonk EP in a heart beat haha.

As you and @Linc mentioned I will probably go back to running the toxin gem too. I was running it initially and was disappointed in that the dmg / dot proc of the gem did little to no dmg but that 10% incoming dmg increase and outgoing decrease would fit well into attempting a hybrid build...of sorts lol.

Overall I will probably go back to Oculus ring, already made the swap to strongmans, will put toxins back in, and I'll play around with passive combos / hellfire amy.
Appreciate the in depth feedback some solid info there. As we start pushing GR#s that actually start to mean something I'll come back and give a brief overview on how I feel the hybrid monk is working in comparison to a full dps or full zmonk build.
phatzas: i'm trying a ank/healer/debuffer (cus gems),
Check my build, i just changed the boots and neet do reforge them, but
Just to say: Bul Kathos Ring is complete trash.

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