How to get Multishot as a secondary?

Demon Hunter
I keep seeing EVERY build have Multishot as a secondary, it isn't for me, it's an Archery skill, I don't know how to do it, can someone tell me?
settings>gameplay>elective mode

Also enable Advanced tool-tips for more skill/rune info
1. Make sure Elective Mode is enabled: From the main screen, press Esc, select Options, select the Gameplay tab, then check the box for Elective Mode. While you're there, make sure Advanced Tool Tips is also enabled.

2. Start a game and bring up your Skills display. Click on the skill you want to change.

3. There should be arrows on either side of the listed skills. This allows you to cycle through all six active skill types.

4. Keep clicking on the arrows until you reach the new skill you want. Then select that skill and rune you want. Then click the Accept button on the bottom.

5. You now have a new skill in place of the old.

Note: There are certain limitations when selecting the left mouse button skill. Not all skills can be assigned to the left mouse button.

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