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I have put together a LoN Meteor wizard. And was able to clear a GR105. The problem I am having is that having all 13 pieces ancient was to increase 1600% more damage than Tal Rasha, or so I thought, but I'm having serious doubts. Did blizzard nerf the LoN specifically to the Meteor build to not give the damage boost to over power Tal Rasha?
They didn't, however the seasonal buff of RORG allows Tals to run travelers pledge and convention of elements so massively outperforms LON.
Percentages are crime against humanity.

Full LoN gives you x98.5 damage multiplier. Full Tal6 gives you x81 damage multiplier. So, raw damage increase of LoN compared to Tal6 is 98.5/81=x1.216, or 21.6%, not 1600%.

Edit: Also, I don't think LoN channeling can utilize Star Pact properly.
Tal Rasha has CoE plus the Endless Walk set. That's enough to surpass LoN by ten folds.

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