Is there Uliana unity replacement??

Is there Uliana unity replacement??

Hi! I was wondering if there are any alternitives for unity for Uliana ep build. I do regular rifts and just random stuff with friends and the unity gets in the way. Can i replace it for something that still retains the toughness, in casual group play in nephelems rifts or low Grifts??
Use RoRG instead of unity and replace shoulders with
Zodiac ring can help a little to keep up Epiphany.
If you want similar defense from a ring, it just isn't there realistically. Your best option is what SuperFoolDk suggested if you want more defense, while taking advantage of the RoRG seasonal bonus.

As an example of the limited options here: if you were to craft a Helm of Rule and wear a Justice Lantern, you would get more defense from a ring, but it would not provide anywhere near as much defense as a Unity; and you wouldn't be able to use LeFebvre's shoulders at the same time, so your total defense would be lower than just using the shoulders. You could wear the Justice Lantern by itself, but again, this would be a pitiful addition to your defense, with little upside.

As an alternative you could try using a Hellfire amulet to access a fifth passive like Sixth Sense. And this would allow you to use Lefebvres at the same time.

Focus + Restraint + Hellfire amulet (CoE in cube)

Amulet should have one of the following:
Near Death Experience
Beacon of Ytar
Sixth Sense
Mystic Rhythm/Determination (whichever you prefer using)

The downside is you will lose some of the defense earned by Endless Walk while moving. I'll leave it up to you to determine if that matters.

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