How many of you run a GTX 900 Series card?

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For years now, I have done everything in my power to tweak every single setting on my PC and still have issues with stuttering, freezing etc. After following every tutorial and doing everything I could think of, the issues still persist, and I believe I can almost link it directly to Nvidia GTX 900 series graphics cards.. Everyone that I know of that has a 970, has the exact same issues as me.

If you have a 900 series card, can you please post here, and tell me if you have the same issues?

Thanks in advance.
I have a 970 TI, no problems for the moment (it has 5 months only)
I have a 970 GTX, no problems at all...
Hmm, strange. I was hoping I was on to something. Out of all the players I play with that have these issues, the only common denominator is a GTX 900 series card. Would still like to get a larger sample size.
How many communities are you guys in?
I have a 960M, and was also getting plenty of stuttering. What I found was that closing every other app, including the browser (but excluding the Blizzard launcher), improved things greatly.
Nvidia 950 here. No problem.
970 here, no problem.
I have a GTX970 and have had a lot of problems with long 5-15 second game freezes.

After i switched to fast adaptive vsync and made a couple of other changes it has not happened once. That was several month ago.
Occasionally play on almost 3yr old 950M. It runs as expected.
Played with Gigabyte Xtreme 950 for nearly 3 years,can't remember any issue that was related to that card.
Ran GeForce GTX 970 Windforce OC for 4 years, no issues.

In terms of stuttering symptoms just to help you diagnose it, first figure out if its connection, software or physical.

Connection: check your packetloss, latency and jitter on your line:
- packetloss: should be 0.
- latency: preferably low.
- jitter (anything less than 1ms is good)

- check your graphics drivers are updated
- check your game directory is not corrupt

- Finally if you still have issues, check if its the Harddisk, try a different install directory on a different Harddisk.
- if not HDD, swap out your card and check if the issue persists.
I used to have a GTX 970 with 4 gigs of ram. When playing this game it would occasionally do that rubber banding effect, and on occasion it would just hesitate for a second or two, then all would be well. The hesitation would usually come when I was at the Bastions Keep stronghold, that's where I would notice it the most.

I upgraded to a GTX 1060 with 6 gigs of ram, and it does the exact same thing at exactly the same times and places. Go figure eh? The rest of my pc specs are an 8 core AMD cpu that runs at 4 ghz stock, 32 gigs of ram, mechanical hard drive 7200 rpm. Good luck, if you find an answer please post it.
I have a single geforce gtx 980 ti.
I have had some issues where the the picture during gaming seemed to look like it was being scratched by rough sandpaper.
I got the feeling it was overheating. It does not happen all the time so it doesnt bother me that much. Keep forgetting to get a screen grab
I have a 4GB 970 GTX in a second game box, after a while it will stutter. It requires leaving the game to lower the VRAM use. D3 doesn't clean up after itself and the VRAM keeps growing to the point it will exceed 3.5 GB and start accessing the slower 512 MB of VRAM these cards have.

It is only one of the sources of stutter and lag and this game, but is an identifiable "random" source you can view with Afterburner etc.
If you havnt already, try leaving any communities your part of. There is a bug, known but not very widely talked about, that causes stutter and freezing if you in many communities.
I have left ALL communities i was in and its solved it for the most part.

EDIT: 780 Classified GPU here.
In Diablo3 debug file search for 200ms and see if it finds any fmod errors. If so post back on here.
980 here, no issues
It has nothing to do with your hardware. If you get freezing, or shuddering it is because you have a unstable internet connection being caused by either your service provider or the router setup you have in your house. This is common sense.
i have a gtx 960 not much at all

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