Uliana extremely weak compared to Inna?

Hi guys,

during the last week I geared my monk for the Inna WOL and the Uliana build. I only have all the required items and the minimum requirement regarding CDR.

I havent played neither of those builds before.

The last days I have played Inna which was basically 3-5 min. brainless WOL spamming on GR90. Usually I didnt die except I was brain afk and forgot to use my immortality ability in critical situations.

Today I finalized my Uliana build which is geared as bad as my Inna build. Since everyone in the leaderboards is playing Inna, I assumed Uliana might be a bit weaker and went down to 85... and it was absolutely no fun.

I have never been dying so much in Diablo than in this GR, except during the very first days in level 60 after release. Even the RG killed me about 5 times. I didnt even make the GR in time what has never happened to me before with any build.

So my basic question: Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

In some situations I engaged elite packs and I was dead before I could begin to fight and basically I have absolutely no sustain and no regeneration (which seems to be rather normal based on the guides Ive read before).


Edit: Pls dont get my wrong, Im not saying that I have to play on 85or whatever after 2-3 hours of farming or else the game is broken, Im just surprised because of the big difference between Inna WOL and Uliana.
And thats build and gear I used: https://www.d3planner.com/382377872
Well, on Eu server the Uli monk seems to be head on with inna wol and lon wol (those were calculated to be pretty even). Uli is much harder to play (game mechanic wise) and the inna bonus is pretty easy to handle. The strenght of uli comes with good mechanics, using coe effectively, looking for good spots to go head on with the monsters. Its defensive options are really good in season thanks to free rorg. A 7.3k para cleared a 128 grift in 13:58 with it :)
The seasonal RoRG buff makes Inna WoL much better than Uliana's, and the seasonal leader boards reflect that difference.

Maybe in non-season the two sets are closer together in terms of power, but Inna/Sunwuko/LoN WoL will likely still see more play and therefore more representation on the leader boards because WoL is so much easier to play.

02/15/2019 08:52 AMPosted by Frechdachs

And thats build and gear I used: https://www.d3planner.com/382377872

Nothing looks out of place in your build to explain the difficulties you encountered. Without any augments, and at P800 you should be able to do a GR 100 without too much difficulty, but you may have to skip an annoying elite pack or two.

With a slightly different set-up (F+R+Hellfire+CoE; Determination not Mythic Rhythm) I was able to do a GR 105 at P854 in about 13:30 without a single augment.

If you are trying to maximize using Mythic Rhythm and using the techniques required to make it work, it can make for a tedious experience. I'd recommend trying Determination instead as it eliminates that tedium. Mythic Rhythm will get you maybe 2-3 more GR levels than Determination, under optimal conditions.

If you stick with it you'll start to pick up the different approach necessary to get into the higher GRs with Uliana's, but it will never achieve the heights that WoL will this season, sadly.
I played monk for the first time this season and am really disapointed in a few things.

1. There is one build and only 1 build and it is the same for GR, regular rifts and bounties. The season that gives the Inna set as gift must really be depressing. No. Variety. At. All.

2.Inna set does everything better and there no reason to play anything else. Wanna play a gen build? Don’t use gen set, use Innas! Wanna play WoL(gross)? Dont use WoL set, use Innas!

Have fun casting that ugly and boring WoL spell for the next 5 years until D4 comes out.
rainment set gives approx 61/38.5 more dmg and has much more mobility compared to innas on high grift. the problem is it is only really good with 5k+ para.
uli and inna are similar strong, yeah, i know most of people play inna wol cause its easier. the only redundand set is swk but its easier to equip for t13.
never seen a patch making so many things even. r6 gen is strongest but uli, lon wol and inna wol are even non season. season innas gets additional coe, uli uses it from the beginning, that might explain the gap but sayin anythin but innas is worse is simply wrong, other sets need deeper understanding of build / mechanics.
eg the r6 gen you need max aps, 2.2 unbuffed is the goal then you can keep spirit @ max. uli is kind of special in its mechanics (mr, coe, playstyle not to kill elite).

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