Best items to farm for ancients for Inna WOL

I have been trying for the past 3 weeks for ancient set items for my Innas WOL build. I currently have 1 set item that is ancient and an ancient rabid strike and compass rose. I am up to 103 greater rift but it feels hopeless. I have been trying to get anciet set items for my build for a solid 2 weeks of farming. Should I go for non set items first? All I have been soing is running 90s through 95s getting blood shards and blowing them away on nothing it feels like. Should I start running bounties and reforging the items in hopes for ancient instead of blood shards?

By the way I am on console.
in the title you ask for items, in the text for difficulty. if you ask me, take best items for being fast then just be fast. imo bounty mats are too expansive for simple items (all but weaps, rings and amus) since you can find them fast in okish quality. shards are good for it. i'd do multiple t13 speed rifts in a 4 man simply to be fast. then you also get shards and grift keys. adding a few bountys is not wrong simply to get a good anount of mats but not for using asap. when your gear reaches a good point then you can use them for optimization. i'd also do some speed grifts but five mins at most just to have some gems for caldesan prepared. but usually you find many items (also ancient but probably not how you want be up in endgame) by simply doing t13 fast.
Just trying to figure out if i should bother going for set pieces through blood shards. I can try speed running t13 or just do 90s I can do t13 in around 3 minutes with picking everyrhing up and i can do 90s usually around 5 minutes. I'll just keep plugging away.
if you running t13 you get more mats and you can pickup yellow fist weaps to upgrade them in the cube. finding better items usually is a matter of time, simply play and rng god will bring them to you - probably ;)
The order of things should be like this.

Complete the build, ancient or no ancient.

Reach as far as you can GR wise.

When you hit the wall, start gathering duplicates of your build to start rerolling items. Reroll as often as you can to get Ancients. Either rerolls or blood shards, makes no difference. Rerolls are faster while bounties get you materials.

Once you get some ancients, start augmenting them but only if you are certain the ones you own are as good as they are gonna get.

Remember that after paragon 800, every point you get gets put into Dexterity. So sooner or later, you will advance. Persevere.

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