a required .dll could not be found

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when trying to launch battle.net i get the message. "The procedure entry point K32getmodulefilenameexw could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll and another message appears saying a required .dll could not be found. have yet to install diablo 3. what do i do?
Hello there!

I'm mostly finding examples of that particular error ("procedure entry point K32getmodulefilenameexw") in relation to Windows XP and Vista platforms, which we no longer support. Are you on one of these older versions of Windows?

Otherwise, let's start by checking for any pending Windows updates:

Windows Update

Let's also try clearing out the Battle.net app's cache folder, in case it's getting stuck on some damaged or out-of-date local data:

Deleting Battle.net Files

If issues persist, we'll want to look over a system report to assess driver and hardware details.

Obtaining System Files

You can include the DXDIAG in a reply to the forum post. Highlight the text and click the </> button in the editor bar for formatting.
my game keeps freezing and I didn't do anything yet mind helping?
02/23/2019 12:03 AMPosted by aimster8
my game keeps freezing and I didn't do anything yet mind helping?

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