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Dear people who make decisions...

You come to a fork in the road.

To the right is a diablo with no followers/mercs

To the left is a diablo with a follower/merc that actually contributes.

Pick one. Trying to walk down the middle is not cool.

At least in diablo 2 I could gear them up to the point of being useful.

But diablo 3 is just sad.

Here's an idea...

Season 17: Season of the useful merc.
The scoundrel can dps and debuff now. (the offensive merc)
The enchantress can cc and buff now. (the defensive merc)
The templar can mitigate and recover damage now. (the support merc)

Wouldn't that be fun...

Or I guess I should say "wouldn't that be the way things are supposed to be by default."
You take the Merc and gear them properly and they contribute just fine.

Only piece of advice. If you are using any item other than Follower Cannot Die you're doing it wrong
Your follower is not designed to contribute like you do in terms of dps. Deck him out for buffs and cc and he does exactly what he should be doing. You are the hero that lays waste to the demons. The follower is just there to support you.
The Cannot Die token is essential, like Kinslayer already mentioned. If you want your followers to contribute more, I recommend equipping them with Oculus Rings. The effect has a chance to activate when you kill monsters, creating a circle that increases your damage when you stand inside. Also, if you have a Unity on both yourself and your follower, you will take half damage if that follower has a Cannot Die token equipped. This guide by AshTag covers the topic in more detail:

My only complaint about followers is the Scoundrel's lack of utility and CC compared to the Enchantress or Templar. He has not been a compelling choice for a long time, and the developers never addressed this. I also wish the Cannot Die token would become an innate ability of theirs, to compensate for the damage scaling at higher difficulties.

Besides that, I agree with what others have posted. Followers are designed to support you, and there are a number of ways to optimize them. They really shouldn't be killing monsters on their own. That opens up potential for exploits and takes focus away from the player's actions.
followers are very useful in d3, here is justa small list of what they can do for you

increase your damage by 85%
Reduce your damage taken by 50%
stun enemies
blind enemies
freeze enemies for 3 seconds
group mobs for you
increase your attack speed, armor, or critical hit chance

there is much more, but you would need to actually try to understand game mechanics before dismissing something you know nothing about.
Give a crusader Thunderfury, Wyrdward, Ess of Johan and Freeze of Deflection and you have a roving crowd control powerhouse helping you.
Unity (he takes 50% of my damage) and can't die makes my Templar my best friend.
funny my follower has 500k sheet dps on top of his CC
Dear players asking for Changes

Changes to the game outside maybe number tweeking IE : Change 50% to 500% will no longer be done.
They act as a 50% damage sink. How is that not useful. Anything else they offer is gravy.
Followers are for support not to fight, damage they deal is insignificant, but they support is what matters healing, stunning, mass control and so on.
A properly decked out Templar or Enchantress with lots of IAS and CDR can enable 2-3 higher GRs to be closed ime.
Somebody suggested awhile back to have followers account wide (each game mode). Saves time equipping for each character. Only restriction is when leveling 1-70.
I find it funny when people says something like:

01/29/2019 12:01 PMPosted by Kinslayer

If you are using any item other than Follower Cannot Die you're doing it wrong

And take this as the way it ought to be, then it's just sad. I know this is the way things are now, but that doesn't make it right in anyway, it just goes to show how much the game has actually degraded so many aspects.

But it is unlikely going to change ever, as the game has been in a stall for over a year.

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