Pillar of the Ancients vs Explosive Light

02/07/2019 10:46 AMPosted by Khord
02/07/2019 10:02 AMPosted by Dreyda

Figured I'd also add in that I do use the activated mystic allies ability frequently. I have no idea if the sacrificed ally or the exploding fire allies affect the Inna buff in any way. If so, this may be forcing POTA to check for the Inna buff multiple times during its 3 second life?

I remember a while back someone asked if the dual fire allies splitting into 5 allies each would ramp Inna 6 damage momentarily. It would take you from 10 allies to 19 including the RS clone! Need to dig through Davlok's Testing Shack thread for Inna mechanics.

After reading this thread, I don't know where a 76x multiplier would come from, but anecdotally, would think a random power spike with Inna + Pillar would have something more to do with Mystic Ally activation like Khord suspects after looking at OP's profile.

Reading back on my past ramblings:
When you activate the Mystic Allies - 2 Fire allies splits into 10, and 1x Enduring Ally despawns, so your net instant-tick damage would be increased by something close to 70%, which wouldn't be that noticeable because those fire allies would explode pretty quick.

Just record some RGs dying normal and exceptionally fast and post to youtube or somesuch. I still have some years old version of OBS studio installed and it still works fine ^_^

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