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I've been rolling an idea around for a couple days now behind a seasonal change.

The issue is, it would require some decent coding in a game that isn't changing in code much at all.

That said, I'd like to bounce the idea off of the boards to see if you'd like it/can improve it.

The premise: you can combine items to gain benefits of both. This only applies too the unique legendary powers.

The limitations;

1: Neither item can have a rerolled stat via the enchanter.

2: The items must be of the same type as Kadala gambling counts them(1 hand weapons, 2 handers, dh cloaks are the same as non-class chests, etc).

3: Both items will be put in the cube with the relevant ingredients and one of the two will be destroyed to imbue the other.

4: A class specific item will always remain if set with a non-class specific item (this includes crossbows and bows over other two handers for demon hunters), otherwise the item remaining is randomly chosen.
4a: sets take priority over nonsets unless it conflicts with the above limitation.

5: Secondary affixes will remain untouched (this is to protect builds like UE MS, bolder toss, Invoker and such that have power in the secondaries).

6: The legendary affixes should carry over from both in one of two ways....
6a: the power creep way- both affixes transfer exactly as they were will the values of thebase items (Aquila's and Cindercoat both max rolled would give 30% off fire costs and the dr above 90% resources).
6b: the non-power creep way- each affix included gets cut by a certain amount (most likely 30% since most builds wouldn't want their primary affix cut in half even to add ANY other affix).

7: Primary affixes get averaged between the items (if one gloves has 600 str, 6% AS, 34% CHD, and 16% AD... And the other has 650 str, 8% CHC, 46% CHD and 8% RCR.. Then the need will have 625 str, 3% AS, 4% CHC, 40% CHD, 8% AD, and 4% RCR.)
This would still necessitate ancients and primals for optimal rolls.

8: A character may only have 3 of these imbued items equipped.

Overall I'd be personally interested to see how this would go.... As you would be able to see numerous item combos tried as people got well rolled items they normally might have disenchanted.

What do you guys think?
Love it! Very creative.
And we'll call it the season of synthesis?
Nice, this would work. For #7, consider random rolls for primary affixes. Primals will still be maxed of course. less coding :-)
Thumbs up from me. I'd love to try that.
02/28/2019 10:53 AMPosted by Caracal
Nice, this would work. For #7, consider random rolls for primary affixes. Primals will still be maxed of course. less coding :-)

You mean instead of averaging the two items into the new one, it would just randomly reshuffle the affixes? That could work and would definitely take less coding.

My way averages the total power between the items but you could end up with an item with numerous traits all at half power and I have 0 idea how it would realistically work with sockets since that isn't a value, it's simply boolian.

Reshuffling fixes that issue but you could end up with a magefist into your great rolled set gloves that gets bad rolls on the imbue. Over your way means making more imbue attempts, mine is being more conservative with what you imbue.

Both are pro/con (leaning towards yours being better)

Any other opinions on that, guys?
I love it!

But I'm not sure I like the randomness that #4 brings.

Like you said there would be some programming needed for your idea. So I think they could take it just a small step further and use existing assets to add an interface in the cube for this purpose. That way you could actively choose which to keep and which to destroy.

There's a good chance that seasons will rotate and this one would come around again, so it's not like all this work would be done for a one time thing. The work would be worth it.
The problem I foresee is the items rolling over to Non-Seasonal. While it is totally possible for code to remove 2nd Legendary powers through data maintenance or 10 other methods, I don't think they'd be up for it.

Plus, homogenization. Things like Bracers, or Furnace would just be go-to's, not that I know the current item meta. All you're effectively accomplishing is a physical Kanai's Cube effect, but there's actually a downside (your items' stats are jumbled).

Plus, you have to make sure that the player can't pick-up equip a 4th Imbibed, shall I call it, item, like back in the Beta, since the current code just checks level, class, and possibly if a Crusader has the Passive.

Sorry; this seems like a smart way to make Kanai's Legendary powers instead of just a menu, however. I'd rather Seasons change how I play, like perma- Yan's Hexing Pants, or the like. I know it's simple, but that's how I feel.
02/28/2019 12:49 PMPosted by Pestilence
I love it!

But I'm not sure I like the randomness that #4 brings.

There are ways to mitigate that and rarely would it affect anything substantially.
Mixing Reapers Wraps and Nemesis Bracers, does oit really matter which you get if the item had the effects off both?
As for other items, the priority system helps that. Putting The Furnace in with a Yang's Recurve would always result in the Yang's remaining as it is class specific and The Furnace is not.
Putting anything in with the Immortal King's Boulder Breaker would leave that up as it is both class specific and a set item. The priority system would let barbs put Krelm's belt into whatever mighty belt they happen to be wearing, demon hunters would keep cloaks, monks would keep spirit stones, etc. But if you are mixing two items of the same priority, then rarely does it actually matter what the base item is (and that adds to the rng the game is designed off of).

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