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02/18/2019 06:21 PMPosted by Demonmonger
What people want is the paragon xp grind to not determine 25+ GR levels of a clear.

It doesnt, because the power increase from mainstat is linear, and by the wayfurther limited by the stats you already have on your gear (caldessans included).

Im surprised after all this years people still cant comprehend basic math.
02/18/2019 05:44 PMPosted by MicroRNA
I disagree with several of your points. You claim that people who put in more time should reap more rewards. This does not take into account natural ability, efficiency of work, etc...

Having paragon carry too much weight means that natural skill and intelligence in combination with work ethic is less important than just botting to get paragon.

I would argue that paragons promote botting and represents the ultimate participation trophy since it makes it far easier to get a leaderboard position.

Points taken. Agreed sir.
Spends money to buy a game. Spends more money for a program to play it. Wants to be a top player on a dying game. Yeah makes sense.

Does he put it on a job resume? Does it get more dates? Hey baby I'm the number 1 DH on Season ?? solo ladder.
Well there's 900 other slots left for "casuals" on the boards, so what's the problem?

This game is pretty dead as it is.
02/18/2019 08:28 PMPosted by Kukiri
02/18/2019 01:06 PMPosted by Romano
leaving casual players way behind.

Casual players DGAF where they stand on the boards. Find something else to work yourself into a lather over.

Very true. I feel like there isn't anything else to do endgame for casuals or otherwise to pursue than GR pushing which might be a large part of the problem here.
Bot or not, doing GR 124 solo in HC is not easy, even with p3000.
02/18/2019 04:50 PMPosted by Teksuo
i'd launch a thorough investigation regarding botting on anyone with over 2k paragon ;)

hell, over 1k even, why not.

You do realize how easy it is to reach 1k these days right ? I got to 625 in under 12 hours. 1k is doable within a week easily even without meta groups.

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