Running Regular rifts with Demon Hunters

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Does anyone else find it kind of annoying? Their AoE attacks kill every last mob, leaving me constantly fury-starved, so I'm not able to do basically any attack. Anyone else have this issue?
Play DH , Problem Solved :D
I use Whirlwind barb for regular rifts - easily on par with or even faster than most DHs and self-sufficient when it comes to Fury.
Change your build to just Gold find with gems in a crown for extra gem drops and then just run behind and collect gold,gems and loot. Once you have 1 billion gold run solo GR's with the extra gem upgrade all night long for augments.
02/05/2019 03:33 PMPosted by Pja
I use Whirlwind barb for regular rifts - easily on par with or even faster than most DHs and self-sufficient when it comes to Fury.

Might have to go this route.
One of those reasons I'd like higher difficulties, myself.
Last season I just ran Sage's set on my barb with a ton of gold find for those speedy rift runners. Let them do all the work, you reap all the rewards. If the group is slower and needs some dps help, switch back. They did take the armory tabs and then they DOUBLED IT!
They clear fast then you just follow fast enough to reap the item, material drops and gold.
My Multi shot DH is very fast and fun. But in PUbie rifts it tends to be a problem all the other players leave the game. So i don't use it in public. When i run into a speed demon well its time to leave the public game. I think of it as using public manners. In private you can fart all u like but in public if you do that bad behavior everyone leaves. People in public should have manners or they are not blessed w my presence.
You guys never ran into a decent Charge Barb?
02/05/2019 04:07 PMPosted by Alexismad
They did take the armory tabs and then they DOUBLED IT!
-- yet oddly, there's not enough inventory space to support that increased armory size. Makes you sort of wonder if anything's planned out, or if it's all on some arbitrary whim.

One day, we'll get 100 new bank tabs and it'll turn out the idea came from the FedEx guy.

"Yea I thought I saw on the forum when I visited to test my new installation of my browser that someone was complaining about that. Let's do it."
They'd be running solo but they want the four-man group bonus so you end up grouped with them. Basically 90% of the time they don't give a monkey if they have a couple of hangers on who are just back a bit, picking up their loot and maybe the odd stray progress orb that got missed. They can clear t13 at 4 player difficulty level in their sleep so just burn through rifts as quick as they can for easy legendary drops.

Just treat it as a loot run - and a good way to boost up a few paragon levels when you're a recent 70. I would advise that you do your best to keep up to a distance where you're at least on the same floor of the rift else you might miss out on loot they generate while you're still running for the lift.

Chances are you aren't going to get booted unless one is a complete butt-plug but they have no qualms about closing a rift as soon as the guardian is down regardless of wether you made it to get the loot at the end in time.
So killing everything as what the game intends you to do is bad? Lol. It's all about having the appropriate build when it comes to farming - every class has a build that can run very fast, and that's ALL you need to do.

Crusader: The horse
Witch Doctor: The chicken
Monk: Dash
Wizard: Aether Walker
Barb: Whirlwind
Necro: Pretty much every build.

All of the above can easily keep up with the Demon Hunter, some of which are even faster. If you haven't geared properly for them or learned how to play them you shouldn't be in Pubs.
Yep try whirldwind and enjoy free loot:)
marathon + wrath lightning gem + gold gem + berserk + ingeom if you go charge it should fix your problem.

The view and stance below is not sugar coated, and illustrates the tough reality Diablo and Blizzard are facing

Yes this is a manifestation of one of the fundamental game flaws in D3.

Main Fundamental Design Failures in D3:

  • All Skills are available to everyone (no individualism or specialization of any kind)
  • No skill can be grown to become powerful by means of spending limited skill-points during the leveling process (because they "forgot" to implement skill trees in D3, and "leveling process" only lasts two hours)
  • D3 is designed in a moronic way where every player is level 70 after two hours, and that's when the player has access to all skills available to their class
  • Spells are designed to be "Generators", "Spenders", or "Utility Support" (This is why most "builds" do not use any kind of "Generator", which illustrates how forced and idiotic the design is. Those builds that utilize "Generators", only do so because the sets dictate to utilize it, in order to activate the ridiculous bonus-damage modifiers. This results in ridiculous situations where skill A, B, and C deal virtually zero damage, but must be cast in order for skill D to deal 10'000'000% damage. This is moronic design by definition.
  • Since the game has Generators and Spenders, players rely on trash-mobs to "generate" their "resource", in order to execute the 10'000'000% Damage Attacks. This also means, that in multiplayer games, the player continually either "runs ahead" to generate the resource needed, or "follows behind" and only picks up the trash lying around on the ground, while not executing any attacks. Again, this illustrates the moronic design of skills and skill-interactions in D3. D3 designers failed to understand that a Diablo game needs most spells to be Damage-Spells and some spells to be "support or buff spells". They failed to understand that the player MUST make decisions with consequences during the leveling of the character, and that all skill choices with damage, result in combat capabilities according to the skill points invested in a particular skill on the skill tree. This is so called "Specialization" or educated "Dual-Spec-ing".
  • The skills you must use are not really chosen by the player. The skills you use are the skills that need to be chosen based on the set and set-support-gear you wear

  • The people that developed D3 were not the same people that developed D1 and D2.

    The people that developed D3, knew nothing about how to make an ARPG, and instead created a simplified isometric "beat-m-up" Action Game with over-the-top spell effects. Last but not least, they doubled down and created ponies and teddy bears and rainbow land to shut up the people that warned blizzard about the controversial visual style of D3 from the very beginning. As a result, the franchise lost tens of millions of devoted hard-liner Diablo-Fans. The recovery from this betrayal of epic proportions remains uncertain. Recent handling of the Diablo Franchise (ie Diablo Mobile focus at BlizzCon 2018) is an indicator that Blizzard is very skeptical it can recover from the catastrophic damage inflicted with D3 on the hard-line Diablo-Fan-base consisting of dozens of millions of Diablo-Fans world-wide.

    In my opinion, D3 seems to be a Mobile game, that was intended for the console market, but ended up launching for the PC first. Its a gong-show of epic proportions, where the Game Director failed on all fronts in catastrophic ways.
    same with in geom monk. I call them no picker upper. i swear these guys dont pick up loot and are just showing off how fast they are.
    DH? I think D3 multiplayer is exactly that. One shoots and kills, the other in the party gets drop.
    Why are you guys complaining about speed clears. Its almost like complaining for the sake of complaining. If "YOU" want to be the one clearing rift, killing monsters and the like, make a "PRIVATE" game and do it yourself at your own speed.

    Why should the players who have actually spec'ed themselves for speed clearing have to slow down and clear the rift slower cause someone in the group can't do anything. So what if they are not picking up loot. Its their loot anyway and most of the time, they are only doing the normal rift for the sake of getting GR keys and some death breaths. Just follow along behind and enjoy basically free loots for not having to do anything.

    People want to get plvled to 70 soooo bad but as soon as someone comes into a rift and clears it in 2mins, let the complaining commence. Mind boggled.
    Honestly, people play in groups like they would play in solo, at max speed and efficiency. If takes a willful person to stop and say, hey you know what, this isn't any fun for the other 3 players, let me slow it/tone it down and let them get some kills. Unfortunately, not many people understand this, hence why you see players like that. If I get into a game like that with speedy mcspeedy (and I'm one of the fastest players I've seen, but like I said I tone it down in a group unless pushing) I just finish the rift, get the keys, and leave the game for a new one. The best solution I've found is to play with others and if they suit your playstyle, go ahead and friend them. Then enjoy. :)

    As someone else said, it's about manners, which are sadly lacking in most games you'll join.

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