$5.99 Monthly Fee - D4, you in? Idea - not fact.

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$5.99 monthly fee - would you pay?

Annually you'd pay about $72. So every year, you'd be required to "buy the game" again (via your monthly fees).

Imagine what Diablo 4 could be if they realized the cash cow they have at their fingertips. Charge a monthly fee for online, similar to WoW, then give Cosmetics as purchaseable things (similar to the Fortnite craze).

Don't allow people to pay their way to gear, DIII tried that with the Auction house and it was horrible. Diablo is about the grind.

All in all, I'd gladly pay a monthly fee if Diablo 4 came around and they continually updated it with new Chapters and locations. This game could be truly amazing. Also, bring back Runewords :)
Yup as long as there was refreshing things and ideas added every month.
Heck, I'd take quarterly. Just give me a new game that isn't a stupid mobile BS game.
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The problem I have with subscription games is I feel any time I spend not playing the game is money wasted. It deters me from doing other stuff. I don't want that.
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No, don't give them bad ideas.
I refuse to subscribe to a video game unless they guarantee monthly content updates.

I will never subscribe to the WOW model ever again. I'm not tossing $15 a month plus $80 every other year for a new expansion. If they want a subscription model, then they'll need to release expansion packs free of charge.
How about they sell us the game, then make new content(xpac/dlc) to sell to us, then add a cosmetic shop for some steady extra income. Monthly fee does not guarantee you will get new content.
i like premium time games. because if you are heavy into it, you can buy a month, and if you arent and just want to do some account maintenance, you can still login free to play and toil around a bit.

premium for Diablo is easy, more loot, more exp. and a free-in-game-dollar-conversion for currency used on cosmetics. IE every other month or so, you earn enough converted currency to pick up a purchased cosmetic for free.

im firmly against any pay to play content or gates. (no time limits/level limits/etc)
however basic protection against free accounts is ok (cannot whisper players, get into parties, etc, until you have played some amount of time/reached some goal)
And another thread that thinks the game will be better with subscription based fees. (as if throwing money at them fixes it)

They do that, I'm out. I don't pay subs for my games.
No cosmetic microtransactions if I'm paying a sub. Do like fortnite and their battle pass. New cosmetics etc every season to unlock/achieve.
02/08/2019 06:23 PMPosted by Absting159
Imagine what Diablo 4 could be if they realized the cash cow they have at their fingertips. Charge a monthly fee for online, similar to WoW

Imagine the people that won't buy because it has a sub
I wouldn't buy or play D4 if it had a monthly sub. The designers would then start time-gating content or adding lockouts to drag out the amount of time it took to do anything, forcing you to stay subbed. That's something I hated about WoW.

Using D3 as an example, imagine not being able to collect more than one bounty cache per act per day or only being able to run 10 GRs in a single day before having to wait until the next to continue.
Make it so you can buy gear like all the other great games that are killing the market. Like 10k people are on here. 10 million on fornite and other games you can buy gear. I remember back when this game was fun and all the channels were full, now its crickets around here.
monthly fees on top of paying for expansions? (ex:ros)
Give the game for free, and charge for everything else. Model works
I don't like subscription use.
Once I buy a game I don't want to keep paying for it unless its DLC.
But even then DLC or even season passes can be a joke as you not getting the "Full" game on release.
I do sometimes find DLC is part of the game that's not released or finished yet but released later.
So you do question "Is the game you buy on release the 'Full' game?", when you just happed to get season passes or DLC released later for that game.

What I do find annoying is some games that are pre-orders say Ultimate Deluxe edition + season pass.
So you pre-order the Deluxe edition which has added DLC to which the "Standard edition" doesn't get, but then your buying a season pass ontop of it so you can future DLC.

So if you get the standard edition you miss out of the DLC thats on the Deluxe edition and therefor not getting a "full game" on release.
Then if you have the standard edition and later want the extra content that came with Deluxe edition you sometimes can or can't get it depending on marketing or the gaming company.
Some games companies release season passes or DLC to allow you to get all DLC ,while gaming companies like Blizzard WILL NOT give you content that was release in Deluxe editions later.

So you have to think before you buy and spend a lot of money on Ultimate Deluxe editions so you WON'T missing out on any exclusive content that only comes with one-time release editions.
So are you really getting the "Full game"? when dirty marketing tactics only release parts of the game on standard editions.

Look at games like Dead or Alive or Tekken 7 which are still releasing new added characters to the game.
But upon release of Tekken 7 you got 1 DLC character if you purchased the deluxe edition...but later there still releasing another 6 or say characters to which you wished you got on release.
SO if I want the DLC characters I can buy then separately or in a season pass package...but still they release season 2 season pass which again you have to pay for a second season pass to get season 2 DLC...therefor your STILL paying for the game.
02/08/2019 06:27 PMPosted by RaDaC
Yup as long as there was refreshing things and ideas added every month.

Even the actual subscription games don’t add things monthly.
I hate subscriptions. It compels developers to place artificial roadblocks to hinder your progression if you "play too much" just to extend sub time. WoW's a perfect example with it's currency caps and raid weekly locks. Idk if that's still a thing, but new raids unlocking by sections was another pretty jarring "feature" explicitly designed to artificially extend subscriptions. Thanks but no thanks.

Make a decent game worth playing and a solid set of expansions down the line, and people will gladly pay for them. Too bad that Blizzard's hopelessly addicted to the microtransactions drug.
subscription model = do not buy
Arpg's never have subscriptions and I seriously doubt they ever will.. unless d4 is the next WoW, won't happen.

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