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It's been a long time since I have not had a single one drop at this point into progression for me, much less multiple. I am curious if something changed with how it drops.

Just shy of 600 paragon.
Monk easily farming level 60 GR's
Barb working on finishing up full IK and wastes sets, able to easy farm GR 40
DH working on finishing UE full set, able to easy farm GR 40

Just bad luck or am I not at some invisible threshold to have it start dropping like primal gear?

Just bad luck for you. I am about 950 para and have had them dropping all season. I have 15ish in the stash and will offer any I find up for free in Pubs. They are mostly not taken at this point so that leads me to think most people are getting them at a steady clip.
02/12/2019 07:04 PMPosted by Sauceman
I am curious if something changed with how it drops.

Nope. That's how random works.
I’ve gotten to P850 in a Season before I saw one drop.

Almost to that point this Season and I’ve seen 6.

!@#$ing RNG.
I am upped to 17 banked this season already.

Seems every time I play one or two drops. I know that’s not the case but almost get tired of seeing another consumable. In addition to the 17 I have used probably 4 this season.

RNG is a pita that way. Last season wasn’t very productive for me in consumables.

Just bad luck for you.
you get 2 1200 para you have accumulated 30 ish
got 50 at moment just store them never know when blizz will decide to make them different and give a new use for them
They drop like candy in public regular rifts. Run that for about an hour or two and I am sure you may get a few from someone who may just drop it randomly if none other.
I have hundreds of ramas... now im wondering when or if they will be added to the "inventory in the air" so they stop occupying inv. slots like other crafting items, and also if or when they will be able to include jewelry!?
Last night I had 2 drop on one rift guardian. No kidding. It's just RnG buddy.
Last season my first one dropped at like 780. Trust me, I get the frustration. This season I had 2 drop in back to back rifts at 400.
Well, I got the worst luck this season.. 8 so far, nothing in over a week.. Not worth the gamble that next season my overall luck will be better.. Game is just boring as can be this season, hour after hour of nothing at all but scrap.. Upgrades from yellow scrap to orange scrap, all DB used as I get it.. Snooz fest Diablo 3, the biggest wast of time you can buy for your 40+$ ..
Imagine being me, eh?
Been playing for AT LEAST 4 years on PC.
I have gotten 11 Ramaldinis. EVER. PERIOD.

Do not talk to me about low drop rates.
02/13/2019 08:59 AMPosted by TracersBum
Been playing for AT LEAST 4 years on PC.

Maybe play more than 5 minutes a day would help your chances. Get better gear, increase torment level would help as well.
02/13/2019 08:59 AMPosted by TracersBum
Imagine being me, eh?
Been playing for AT LEAST 4 years on PC.
I have gotten 11 Ramaldinis. EVER. PERIOD.

Do not talk to me about low drop rates.

Its about hours played not years owning the game. You aren't even paragon 1k after 4 years, so really 11 Rama's seems more than enough for the time you put in.
Hmmm, I have found that they are dropping more than normal this season. It really is random. I wish I could give you mine, I only really ever need four or five per season.
I haven't had one drop for my barb yet this season either but I'm going fairly slow and I'm not even at paragon 500 yet. I haven't gotten anything terribly good out of the 60s I've run to this point.
Past GR70 they usually start dropping pretty commonly, and that's where you need them.

As long as you have broken through that tier, I'd consider it normal. In previous seasons getting one prior to para 400 was uncommon, and given how easy levels comes now, that is the equivalent of para 700.

So just keep on going, and sacrifice that other affix on your weapon to gain a socket until one drops.
It seems to me that every season, they don't seem to drop until I reach torment 13. Then I see them with regularity.
Yeah I've gone seasons without finding, or maybe 1.

Right now i have like 6 sitting in my stash and used a couple on weapons for my follower.

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