Will you go to/watch Blizzcon 2019?

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I dont play mobile games. The money mtx is like stealing from weak minds.
Remember they said they are working om mobile games for all there ip’s.
So not gona waste my time on blizzcon or wait for it.
They scrapped D4 last year or so they say. Dont think they have cooked up a trailer for D4 in one year. Activision wants money for there stockholders, not good games for the fans
You're funny.
Hell no. Not even going watch it on youtube or twitch after the fact. Even if Blizz announce D4 I will not watch. The game will have to come out and be great before I consider it. I have been with em from the very fing beginning and to see what Blizz has done with this title is a utter embarrassment and total disappointment. H E L L N O from me. To me Blizz needs to get politics out of their games and just make great games. But that is not the case. I mean they already made Diablo a female LMAFO. ok ok I always thought Demons were demons not female and male. I am sure they are sitting around a table trying to figure out how to input LBGQT community into the game next. Lost all faith in this company period.
As the XT-0002 Deconstructor says in WOW

If I do watch it, it would be to see what new memes will come out of this year's Blizzcon. The event has become a joke for me.
The only reason I see myself going to Blizzcon is too print Jay's Wilson face on the toilet seats in the men's bathroom because f that loser.
Hi there, just was wondering is this question a late april fools joke?
Unfortunately not an April Fool's joke. And I'm undecided on a Virtual Ticket.

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