Synergy Runs: Bounties + GR

General Discussion
I came up with this idea three days ago, and it's worked great. Somebody online suggested I should share the idea on the forums.

Breakdown of the run
  • Three people run a standard split bounties game
  • One person runs a greater rift (All four people go into the rift, but port back to town to go run bounties)
  • After the rift, everyone goes to get rift guardian loot and gem upgrades

I didn't feel productive running bounties, but I wanted crafting materials. For bounty runners, I imagine they want to be able to gear up and get xp while also stocking up on bounty rewards.

My Experience
  • GR 95 in 4-6 minutes (It feels roughly equivalent to GR 100 solo)
  • Typically 2 Grifts per game, 15 minutes per game
  • I am a plvl 1300 Impale DH
  • Most people that joined were plvl 700-900 on their first game
  • Advertised in general chat, looking for group chat, bounty communities, and grift communities. I also created a community for these, but the same people keep wanting to play so after the first half day, I found I kept playing with mostly the same people
  • About half of the people that have joined me these past few days have friended me and ask for more games
  • I think most of the people that joined had not run GR95, so they liked the gem upgrades
  • Some high level characters joined , including a plvl 1900 wiz liked it
  • I have had a lot of fun and feel like I've been able to progress my character more quickly than previously
  • We cannot do bosses while a GR is open, so we either do them at the start or the end of the game
If all in party agree to this, is a good idea to balance mats and exp progress.

I have a UE MS speedrunner that I believe can run the bounty part easy!!
Our clan has done this for a couple years now. It's especially good at getting lower gems up before pushing group GRs.

We also do this with normal rifts to gain keys and bounties.
Use to run them that way with friends but they stopped playing. I like it, it's just hard to find ppl that want to do it

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