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The only HOLYCRAP WTF is this?! I am gonna DIE! moment I ever had in a game was meeting the Skaarj in Unreal the first time. Everything else was "Woah, that was cool".

D2 was the first time we actually got to see the dice from DnD played out in VR, and it's a pillar that can never be raised again. Kids now see more by 5 years old than I saw before 20. Nothing's shocking, that's why horror went to gore, and even that wasn't scary, just gross. But I like gross, we need some good GoT elements in D4... something I don't want to play around the kids :) Baal vaporising that guy on the bridge, that was pretty cool! I would pay dearly for some "I think I need to logout and go read a bible for a bit moments!"
02/18/2019 11:33 AMPosted by RUNtoFUN
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I just feel bad for you.

i know, many feel bad about truth, if it could hurt them.
-that's why too many prefere to ignore it.
-human existence will implode because of ignorance.

or, agitators have their agenda, often seen in fora...

I prefer "truth" come from people that can spell and don't believe in every politicized conspiracy theory that crosses their table.
02/18/2019 11:32 AMPosted by TOPCommander
I see some of you understand what I am talking about.

It's not about some "scary butcher that gives us sleepless nights". That might have been the case for some of us when we were kids over 20 years ago, but this is not what I am talking about.

What I talk about is the atmosphere and mood D1 and D2 gave us.

D2LOD gave us a world where we take on the role of a mercenary, and not a super-hero like in D3. The world in D2LOD is a very hostile and dangerous place where horrible things are happening. Hell opens up and the world we know is infested with evil and misery, and the deeper we travel into the acts, the more grotesque the monsters become. We see the transition from humanoids to creatures that are not from this world, yet they share fundamental characteristics of creatures from the real world. It feels as if their bodies originated from something we have seen before, but the transformation has advanced significantly in a horrific way, unlike in the first acts.

I doubt a plain old mercenary would be trusted by an archangel to save the world. Plus, you get to hire mercenaries yourself.

And you're not a super hero in D2? Are you serious? You start the game by knocking off one of the heroes that took out Diablo in the first game, and you end the first Act by taking out one of the 12 most powerful beings in Heaven or Hell... and then you end up taking out all 3 Prime Evils by the end of it. What the heck are you, if not a super hero?

I think with D4, not only the time-rhythm we perceive should be more like D2LOD, but also the combat should be slowed down. I think D3 has great "feel" of combat, but we virtually never see all the effects of monsters etc. because we just clump up 100 monsters and nuke the whole "ball of something" into oblivion. It's just too much and doesnt feel "Diablo" at all to me. Combat in D4, should not only be much more meaningful, in terms of mechanics and dynamic situations, but also slowed down a tiny bit, so we actually have time to see the bodies fall apart in agony as we rip through the unholy flesh of the monsters we encounter. If we the players die, it should be just as horrific and gross. Player-Death should look horrific, and the sounds of tearing flesh and broken bones should be gut-wrenching.

Meh. My Sorcerer in D1 was just as capable of ripping apart rooms full of enemies.. at least before double and triple immunities showed up (which was more of a game flaw than anything else). And I see plenty of body parts flying around in D3, so I don't know what game you're playing.

In D2LOD, virtually all monsters are iconic more or less. Some monsters are feared more than others, but they are all iconic. People that play D2, know very well which monster can be found in which act and area. In D3 however, no monsters are iconic, as most of the time I don't care or don't have time to even realize what I am killing. Everything just blows up and I don't care, except for the arcane beams in higher Greater Rifts. Fighting monsters in D3 is like being a meat grinder and not knowing what meat someone throws into the grinder. Its just boring and meaningless. Its a massive failure in terms of "Diablo-Feel" and world-perception.

That's just you not paying attention and/or playing on too low of a difficulty.

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