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Double kunai buff.
02/24/2019 10:33 PMPosted by Permajinxed
02/24/2019 10:23 PMPosted by Thanatos
How about a solo theme. Where solo play earns everything a 4man group would.

It's been suggested before but simply allowing all 3 followers to activate at once permanently in solo would be massively powerful....
(All unities for 75%dr, and the minor buffs they each bring)

No way in the world would it come anywhere near a proper 4 man meta group, so we are talking about random semantics here.
02/24/2019 11:30 AMPosted by Demonmonger
Anyone good at game design, would it be that hard to lower the set requirement numbers? I would assume the hard part would be locking in the bonus of only one 4 piece. Would likely need to add some sort of icon or action button to choose which one. Which honestly would open up an even more cool method where the players can swap 4pc bonuses mid fight?

It depends on how they've written the code. Since the mechanics of the game must have parity with the non-seasonal variant, I would doubt it would be easy.
Every shrine is also a goblin shrine
Make it duel Primal drops
If the follow doubling effect then i think it might be cdr. Or even better double the sockets. That would get everyone go nuts
S17: Season of the Follower. You play one of the followers. Romance the Enchanter to win.
Season 17: Halve the Level-Up Requirements! (yes this is a joke since it's effectively the same as what the Op wants)
what a dumb suggestion
Not sure why people still think S17 will be "double something". The S16 theme is already an indication that themes will be more creative from now on.

Let's not forget that there's a patch coming and the theme apparently needs some testing.
Hear me out. This season is about sets. I think what would be interesting would be a single set being powered up. If they increased the drop rate of ancient items, and increased the power of the Legacy of Nightmares to 1500-3000% increased damage and 10-20% increased damage reduction per ancient item, that would be a very interesting season because there wouldn't really be best builds, every best build just have all ancients. It would have a large variety of different builds and be much more interesting than there being 2 or 3 best builds in the game.
4 man xp double boss kill only or something that help players play together more
Whatever Blizz decide, it should be to improve gameplay fun. Allowing players to change their way of thinking to create various builds is what d3 is about.

Personally I would like to see new items that are season 17 only with new abilities allowing new builds. Some over-the-top crazyness is needed.

Some ideas like more xp or more drops doesn't add anything new or interesting to the game.
How about after players reach level 70 they start at Paragon (whatever the top player had last season). Will never happen but damn would I thank the bots :)

6k in S15 I believe. Everyone would come back to visit S17 for their Paragon to transfer over to NS. 30k main stat to start the season with :o
I'd like to see them DOUBLE IT. 8x
Would love to see season 17 be the season of a 5 char group, where you join games with 5 members and paragon levels are close to equal.. That would make stronger teams and with paragons equal or close, the level of GR is better suited to each team.
How about the season of 'auction' where they bring the gold spending auction house back? *.*
03/23/2019 03:22 PMPosted by nibz
How about the season of 'auction' where they bring the gold spending auction house back? *.*

I could get behind Season of Double Mint Twins.
I'm sure this would be op but here goes...

How about Season 17: Write of Legacy.
You can go through with the regular season Objectives for chapter I-IV for your season toon. but as part of your Part 4 reward you receive a "Write of legacy" which is special item that can be stored in your stash and can be piked up by another seasonal toon that you start.

The write gives that toon the opportunity then to pick up another season set (you only get 1 Write for the season.) The difficulty of the season objectives start with Torrment VII level and are different than the original season objectives for the first set.
Complete both sets reward: Golden Fiacla-Géar Wings.

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