Sick of no WD Love in the 4 player Meta

Witch Doctor
I pretty much only play witch doctor and I find it a let down that the four player meta has been so cookie cutter for sooooooo long. Anyone else wish we could get some WD love. And four those who say anything I am talking about when you see in general chat for pushing higher key its always Zmonk, Zbarb, Some Necro, and of course without fail and Demon hunter.
My only advice is for you to broaden your classes. Play something else. Freshen it up. WD has been my main too, but I've explored every class and nearly every build.

Or, find friends who will take a Witch Doctor. I have been invited to clan groups as the trash killer (over a Wizard).

Better yet, do both of these suggestions. Do not become a one trick pony. I was once a "WD or nothing," until my clan was upset at the lack of diversity they had. So I made a zBarb and actually loved it. I eventually created RG killers (DH, Necro, WD at one point, and even a Sader build not too long ago).
Think your missing the point. Me playing any of the classes you mentioned would just be me accepting the current meta. This season I have a sader, WD, Barb and a Necro. My whole point is why not shake up the Meta that has been basically the same for what 8 seasons now?
The real reason is. Server lag.
Wiz doing gr120+ is so easy no lag.
Wd is still hood fire bats and lon sb are still powerful. Just wiz does not cause server lag
03/06/2019 07:49 PMPosted by Dante
Wd is still hood fire bats and lon sb

....Wow ..I thought WD was all about Jade now
We did some 120's with a jade WD this season and it was actually pretty chill. With all the DPS buffs going around these days, people need to lightening up on "cookie cutter meta" unless you're doing over 125, and even then there is some leadway (DH versus necro, all the wizard star pact variants).

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