I6/R2 or R6

Which is best for solo/group play atm based on set changes/buffs?
there is no black n white.
r6 has more dmg, more mobility on high grifts and needs tons of life to sustain and maxed out ias rolls on gear. its advantage is to have wh slot free. its squishy as heck and you probably don't want to play it sub 3k para.
i6r2 is also.squishy and since your spirit reg is better you probably can think its easier to equip etc. but without maxed ias its real dmg is cut. it has more def options but dash without that much cdr is not availiable as often as you wish.
for grp ply there is a no cc variant that brings out dmg really well on single target, it even can be pretty even to dh, probably higher but you do not support grps as good as a nec or dh. so both builds won't show.up in meta. solo the r6 build will be superior if enough para (so many r6 gen on top of lb on ns eu server after top 5).

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