Can't connect to US/AU server

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Hi, I'm having issues connecting to the US/AU server, I can connect to the Asian server no worries, is the US server down for maintenance or something?. There is no connection error code just a message saying that there is a network disconnection and it won't go any further than that. Hope it's sorted out soonish.
Solved so the post can be deleted.
Hey there,

We are glad to hear things are working now. If you do not mind, may we ask what you did to resolve the issue? It can help others in the community who may run in to issues like this in the future.

Seems mine was my own doing, I had another program "PeerBlock" running in the background (even though I wasn't using it), but why it was letting the Asia server run and not the US server is beyond me. So it may not help too many people unfortunately.

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