LoN current viability

finally got 13th ancient piece, and i thought bonus damage itself would be enough for t13(gr60) but i am barely doing it. I know some pieces are not ideal, most items are not augmented, but i have feeling that i need to double or triple my damage for gr80+. Are LoN builds still viable these days?
Dont just equip the first ancient gear you find...

You still need to make sure that your items and skills synergize with each other.

The LoN set itself with 13 pieces isnt a plain guarantee to farm t13 easy... No set is afaik.

LoN is very viable if geared right. For example: The leaderboards are full of LoN Meteor wizards. LoN fire condemn speedfarm in 4 mans is a thing for 110+ afaik. And there are tons more of LoN builds
LoN Fire no generator has cleared 121 on PS4. Seems like a chill and fun build
Which build are you supposed to follow? Fire condemn, Fire blessed shield, Bomb, or Heaven fury?
I'm having a blast farming bounties with LoN Phalanx atm

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