Legs for LON build?

For a LON build, are there any pants that are generally used? I have been using swampland waders for the extra elemental damage on my meteors because nothing else seems remotely viable.

It feels odd that witch doctor legs are the best in slot I can find.
Im using the same in my Explosive Blast build :)
They are the most common used in LoN because of the elemental DMG.
aside from hexing pants yea
Yeah, swamp is basically it. I rolled a good one in the cube after having my low lvl WD get them from shards.
Swampland Waders are typically BiS.
Hexing Pants for builds that can keep moving.
Depth Diggers for generator builds.
Pox Faulds are decent, especially for Melee.
Been discussed and requested a millions times...huge opportunity for the slot. Maybe Blizz will consider it if it continues to come up periodically like it does, but not holding my breath!

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