Followers and their future?

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I’m curious, what kinds of things would people like to see for followers?

Me, I’d love to see sets or set bonuses created that specifically work only for followers. Maybe a relic/ring combo or something? As much as I love multiplayer I’m also a huge single player fan and I think the follower system has huge untapped potential.

I would also one day love to see their equipment slots expanded, or maybe certain legendary gems created that work only when equipped on followers.

What about you?
It would be nice to equip more items as well as the ideas you have..
Just remove them completely and keep "minions" exclusive to summoner classes.

In D2 they were way too strong, in D3 they were borderline useless and very annoying.

Nothing wrong with a NPC following you for some time during a quest or something like that, but otherwise I would really appreciate it if they wouldn't make a return.
I don't think Followers have a future in Diablo 3. I'm pretty sure they won't develop anything extensive a this point, and that would include any improvement on the Follower aspect of the game. Not like they do a lot at this point, most of the time I don't even notice he/she is even there. I think a few of my characters don't even have one hired.
The ability to tame a demon and use it as a follower :-) :-)
Give followers inventory space to hold rings/amulets because sometimes you don't want your follower to equip unity but switch to wydward, arcstone, or another and would be nice to hold jewelry items for them to switch back and forth on need and free up stash space.
Extra tier of skills for each of them, bringing them about equal for utility and defensive purposes. An extra equipment slot for belt or bracer for Scoundrel or Enchantress. Equipment switch ability for their weaponry or jewelry in a simple button push.
They need to have the death immunity as a default, to open up to token slot to other choices. And gearing them should apply across all your characters - you set up your templar on your barb say, and when you switch to your DH, your templar is already to go with the same skills and gear - none of this manually removing and replacing pieces.
Oculus ring is a follower item, and I'd like to see that reworked, or maybe even just have the dmg raised for it. As you said, it would be nice if followers could also get a legendary gem - iceblink or toxin would probably be good enough I guess.
make 1 to 3 of your other characters to be your own chosen followers;
-make those followers follow orders like 'defence' 'protect area' 'stay safe', etc.
-balance and tweak the game
-have a new superfun D3

solo player heaven
replace the horrible public games
Actually if they allow followers to wear Arcstone rings it could be fun.

They have that set where you can use all three.
Let's start with....

Asheara's Vestiments--(4-piece bonus) Perms all 3 followers, and grants 100% more damage to you and your followers so long as at least one is still standing.
*Unity/immortal token pairings limited to ONE.

^I have a Tal/Ash build, and it is fun, but it is annoying when my followers disappear in the middle of a battle :(

1. All follower damage skills can be multiplied by 10 in terms of damage. (Templar's Overpower goes from 800% to 8000%, and so on...)
*It's pretty sad that item procs (Band of the Hollow Whispers--Haunt, Moonlight Ward's orbs, Azurewrath's aura, and BK Wedding Band's drain life aura, etc.) all do more damage than the followers' actual SKILLS (special attacks).

2. Follower natural health regeneration and the templar's "Loyalty" regeneration amounts can be TRIPLED.

3. Let the Scoundrel use a QUIVER, though he can't use the bonuses to DH skills. He could still benefit from the extra stats, attack speed, and Crit Chance.

4. Crowd control skills and other buffs (Anatomy, Hysteria, from Erosion (+damage from all sources to affected), attack speed, resource regeneration, armor spells, etc.) can stay the same.

5. The Cooldown and All-skills legendary tokens should also grant followers 90% damage reduction in addition to their current benefits.

*This would make them a bit more durable, but not hideously overpowered (they would still have LESS toughness than nephalem even with that 90% buff).

If they are REALLY daring...

1. A PARAGON-points menu for followers...

+2 mainstat/point (x2.5 = 5)...Unlimited allowed once all the other stats are maxed for Offense, Defense, and Utility--points are assigned just like for player characters
+2 Vitality/point (x2.5 = 5)...Unlimited allowed once all the other stats are maxed for Offense, Defense, and Utility--points are assigned just like for player characters
Attack Speed (0.2%/point up to 10% max)
Cooldown reduction (0.2%/point up to 10% max)
Crit Hit Damage (1%/point up to 50% max, with 200% CHD being a NEW cap)
Crit Chance (0.1%/point up to 5% max--Temp maxs at 37%, Eirena: 27%, and Lyndon: 28.8%)

Life% (0.5%/point--up to 25% max)
*Armor (+100 to armor/point up to +5000 armor max)
Resist All (+5 res all/point up to +250 resist all max)
Regenerate Life (regeneration rate increased by 1%/point up to 50% faster at max)
*Percent bonuses to armor are pointless, as followers can't equip armor pieces (bracers, belts, chest, pants, etc.)

Area Damage (1%/point, 50% area damage at max)
**Life on Hit (life on hit increased by 1%/point up to 50% more at max)
**Immortal followers won't need this stat, but those using the other tokens will want to put something with LoH on their follower to get the most from this bonus.
I think the Followers should stay just as they are, but their damage and Toughness (when they aren't wearing the immortality relic) should scale with the player.

I'd like to see the Follower have 75%-80% of the player's EDPS and EHP, which scales dynamically with changes to the player's setup.

This same mechanism should apply to Pets and Companions, except they should follow their stated damage percentages, but those percentages should be based on player EDPS and not player Weapon Damage.
03/09/2019 11:52 AMPosted by spacecadet13
They need to have the death immunity as a default, to open up to token slot to other choices.

I'd rather have other legendary tokens becoming meaningful to use. Invulnerability is a great addition but it doesn't cover Follower from crowd control effects, neither offer you another layer of mutual benefit beyond Unity.
If other legendary tokens offer you a shared benefit or cover them from crowd control effects, it may make sense to use them. A shared benefit for one of their shared equipment pieces?

Besides I want to be able to gear them just enough to withstand blows from higher greater rifts. Immunity amulets (Mara's, Xephirian, Countess) and summon proc legendaries (Maximus, Genzaniku, Pus Spitter) still fall short due to crowd control effects without Invuln token and they have no comparable benefit besides Unity and Invulnerability token combo. You also have to equip them with a certain crowd control like fear% else a life-regen feedback to keep them alive and that's giving away too much compared to invulnerability based builds

I reckon it might be a nice addition to Eirena and Lyndon for having an extra equipment slot like a belt or bracer to have comparable stats to Kormac to endure damage without invulnerability token. Still their skills and base stats must be studied to see how can you balance them at high level play without getting forced into Invuln token and either use Kormac or Eirena.
Paragon levels.. Imagine how many people would show up to grind 10000 paragon with their followers too... Dang I just gave away Season 17.
There’s a lot of great ideas in here! I know some of you don’t like followers, and that’s okay because you don’t have to use them. For those of us that do like them though I hope they get some attention at some point :)

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