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It would be nice if there were something we could do with primals we otherwise don't want to use. I understand Blizzard will probably never see this, but I thought I'd toss out this suggestion.

There could be cube recipes that require primals. For three primals, you could "reset" that you've already enchanted an ancient legendary, for instance, thus being able to customize a second setting on that legendary.

Or maybe even better -- for those three primals, you get back an item much like Ramaldi's Gift, but it can only be used on primals and lets you change a second setting, so even a badly-rolled primal could eventually be an optimal primal (after you've spent a bunch of other primals to get there).

Or maybe for three primals and an ancient legendary, your ancient is rerolled to a primal.

Or maybe for one or two primals in the recipe, your chance of getting a primal when rerolling a legendary is significantly higher -- 25 or even 50%.

Similar to the Ramaldi's gift idea above -- but the item lets you add a socket to an item just like Ramaldi's lets you add one to weapons only.

For one primal at the mysic, you could pick the stat you want to enchant to, and it would come out as max possible. For instance, you could say, "Reroll this slot but it will be +crit chance," and you would get the 8% crit chance instead of having to stand there burning resources to get it. This doesn't even give you something you can't otherwise get, but it gives you SOMETHING to do with worthless primals.

I got a primal PUZZLE RING, for crying out loud.

It would just be really nice not to groan at wasted "good luck".
My first two primals were:

Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander (with INT)

And Blackthorn's Boots (again INT)

So yeah...

Mind you I only unlocked Primal drops a few days ago, the first was a drop from a rift boss, the 2nd was a cubed pair
The drop rates in this game are ridiculous. There's no beating diablo 3. I'll get the next diablo when I have a full set of primal ancients on one char, sound good blizz?

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