i would enjoy D3 a lot more if

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the game would not have this annoying micro stuttering problem
While the engine isn't perfect, the likelihood of you finding a solution diminishes without more context. And no, "I spent $X on my rig, so it should run perfectly!" isn't an excuse, just in case you want to open with that.

Otherwise, all I can suggest is starting at the absolute minimum settings in both video AND audio, tweaking up from there until you find a source of the stutter. The number of sound channels one has set tends to be a sneaky issue many overlook because they tend think a loss of FPS is always a visual problem. Of course, areas like the Bridge or Arreat Crater have been problematic for everyone for pretty much forever. So, if that's your only real area of issue, welcome to the club.
hell yeah. it's crazy , it happen no matter the settings, randomly. (even in a lower resolution without AA nor shadows....)

it needs to be re-polished for recent systems. this game only works well on old laptops ;)
Mid-range Ryzen processors and GPUs that can run 10x D3 with no fuss are pretty cheap these days.
what im talking about isnt lag or FPS drop but a very short screen freezes lasting like i dont know maybe 0.1 sec.. the FPS doesnt even drop it stays at 60 all the time (v-sync ON). In situations where there are a ton of mobs in high GRs and like million effects its still runs very smooth at 60fps but when im moving my char i just see this weird screen stutter

recently i was mostly playing NRs and GRs 100 for speed farm but then i tried gr 112 and stutter increased so much i just quit the game went playing something else..
I know exactly what you are talking about. I can enable and remove micro stutter at will on my setup.

Couple of things can cause it:

1:) If you are running multiple monitors attached to the same video card, playing a video on the second monitor can sometimes cause stutter. I know this, because I usually run the OWL Twitch stream on my second (to earn my league points) while doing whatever on the first. And usually I end up minimizing it to eliminate the stutter.

2:)This one varies system to system. On my system, I run the game in Windowed Mode FULL SCREEN. This looks exactly like Full Screen, but doesn't "lock" the screen to the game. For some this works better. For others it doesn't. Again each system is different.

3: Refresh and FPS settings. If your monitor is only capable of a certain refresh rate (say 60Hz) then CAP the FPS to 60 or even 59 in the game settings for Foreground. Running the FPS higher than the refresh rate is pretty much useless and works your video card harder than it needs to.
(I run a G-Sync 144hz monitor, and with D3 I still cap it to 60FPS. D3 runs smooth as butter. But OW I run at 144 for obvious reasons and that game is also still smooth as butter. I just don't need to work the video card that hard for D3, so 60 works perfectly.)
I do use vsync (or gsync in my case) to help lock the FPS to match the monitor.

Following those simple things, I have NO micro stutter at all. Individual results will vary, but honestly, those are the things to try.
02/24/2019 11:32 PMPosted by Thanagor
recently i was mostly playing NRs and GRs 100 for speed farm but then i tried gr 112 and stutter increased so much i just quit the game went playing something else.

To add here.

There are some issues that the devs know about running higher GRs for some reason causing lag, stutter, etc. If the above doesn't help you out, you may be encountering those issues too.
02/25/2019 09:11 AMPosted by DTMAce
those are the things to try.

you wouldnt beleive the things i tried, much deeper than what you suggest, but also including what you suggest.

bottom line, this game should just work , without requiring a gsync monitor or anything really... IT PLAYS ON THE SWITCH FFS!

they just focused too much on consoles and forgot that this is primarily a pc game.

i launch apex legends and it works just perfectly with 30 seconds of messing with the settings, same thing with the division 2 beta earlier this month... apparently EA and UBI-MASSIVE are simply better than blizzard at making smooth games.

but on the other hand wow is pretty smooth... so no excuse, they jsut hate d3 because were not giving em enough money.

i don't think it's gonna see a fix. they gave up on this a while ago.

and i thought they went with !#$%tty cartoony graphics to make sure it would always be perfectly smooth...like wow... god was i wrong..

just have to endure the pain until d4 and hope they get that one right for once.. (it should be alright since d4 will make or break blizzard... if they have any survivability instinct, d4 should be stellar.)

ps: they should rehire david brevik, he knows more about what gamers want/need than any of the current diablo team.
They could to create Elite Rift where we just met Elite Packes where players evolve something all different than current so after that we could pursue GR's. The keeper could be one or two Ubber bosses improved. That is just one example from game sinergy. Diablo lacks these stuff.

If they wish Elite Greater Rift Stone could be dropped from Bounties boxes (just add some amount to it) or from The Keeper from Elite Rift.

Or the same gr key stone could be used to both. So we select stone and select what we want to do.

And it's easy to do, the maps will be the same, the bar progression will be the same. They would just need to find some RPG rewards elements to add to them.
So it's not just me. Yeah that stuttering problem needs to go
Just like PardalBR I would enjoy the game a lot more if it had modding.

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