Diablofans is saying goodbye

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Sad news - I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve gone there for build advice and to learn what Blizzard is up to. A fantastic resource.

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That is such a downer
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Sign of the times.
02/21/2019 08:29 AMPosted by BrownieMix
On March 21st, DiabloFans will be transitioned into Archive Mode. Users will still be able to view content on the site while it is archived, but will be unable to create or edit any existing builds or posts on the site.
I, too, am sorry to see this. At least builds posted through March 21st will still be available. Some builds may become outdated, others may not.

And we still have Icy Veins, D3 Planner and D3 Resource.

Thank you, and all those who contributed, for helping us through the years.

R.I.P. DiabloFans.
I remember going to them to get data mined ptr updates.

Truly, I am thankful for the information they brought forth and will be dishearten to see them go, but given the circumstances, I can understand.
It is with great sadness that I must announce the closure of DiabloFans. Our site has been a pillar of the Diablo community for many years, but due to the fading interest in current Diablo products and business realities for Curse, it is time for DiabloFans to say farewell.

This is really sad to see, to be honest. Not really surprised though given they are part of the Curse network and there are financial decisions to be made.

Very grateful for the other resources that still exist.

02/21/2019 09:08 AMPosted by Perusoe
Icy Veins, D3 Planner and D3 Resource.

This likely won't be the last resource to go away unless, against odds, Diablo 3 is somehow reinvigorated. I honestly don't expect it though. D3 will see Season updates and cycles like D2 does, but not much more. That is speculation, but seems logical and likely.
Damn it, right in the feels man. Good buy Diablofans!

Damn, there's where I would get my Diablo news. Alas, all things must come to an end.
That was my go to site for guides, datamining and patch meta. Farewell old friend.
Aw my favorite build site, I liked how it was so easy to have overview of build concepts without having to scroll through explainations. Everything was in your face.
saddest news for today
Well, this sucks.

I've always preferred DiabloFans when it came to build guides. They are simplified, leaving all unnecessary jabbering out. Get the specifics and then go and learn by doing the rest.
Annnnnnd diabloii.net is still alive after 20 years.
what this is relay the end of era and d3 whit it
Another sign of how bad is the state of this franchise at the moment.

And Blizzard itself.
Wow. Really a bummer. I liked the UI for this site far more than the other resources. Thanks for everything DiabloFans!

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