Can I get a straight answer on girdle

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Like as far as I understand what haunting girdle does... it doesnt seem like it really does much, faster debuff, and very rarely it does 2p damage that may not have occurred..

I even asked baskenater and he said basically that it does what I just described, it does not deal more damage on a single target so, I totally understand it for softcore, but Im struggling with why it would be better in hC too.

Im wondering if theres something Im not really thinking about.. like my perception of the rift Id wanna clear is like a fatty festering or battlefields thicc as fk and i could take the slight more time to debuff mobs right? I mean haunt literally spreads as you kill ..

my only thought is that it could be that, Like I always harvest before haunt is totally spread, am i losing such significant damage by not having all of the mobs debuffed before I really start harvesting..

Theres a ton of other options, swampland, leorics, aquila, I personally favor illusory cause it makes it easier to hit oculus
You don't really have to wait until Haunt is on all monsters before you harvest, but the sooner you have Haunt on them the better because you need that to maximize damage from AD.

Two Haunt per cast will also make killing RG with adds, like Saxtris, much easier because it will take much less time to debuff the adds so you can actually hit RG with 2p bonus and stack BotS.
I'd rather spend 5 seconds to spew out haunt, then 10 seconds.

Its up to you which piece you would rather prefer.

Haunt does spread once an enemy dies, but once you start pushing harder content, the mobs will not die until after several harvests.
Well wooty thats kinda the reason why I mean if i do groups of course im doing it, but thats because im lookin at it from a speed scenario..

im not saying its useless im just not sure for hc if i can just take a little longer it might be worth having a diff item, plus we are kinda lining up a bunch of different multipliers to hit all at once, like the 14% from swampland has to be notable ,,

I mean if it took away your cooldown faster itd be no contest.. anyway I appreciate the advice, ill give it another try when i rebuild

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