Graphic effect disappears in Nintendo

Console Bug Report
I'm a Nintendo switch user
I enjoy Diablo 3 with Nintendo switch.
But sometimes, some skills don't have graphic effects. This is probably a developmental measure to prevent frame drop
However, the effects of the game are so serious that it is inconvenient to play
I think it's absurd to overcut the effects of the user's skill, not monsters
I don't know whether this is a bug or the development team's intention. Anyway, I want you to patch it

Not only effects of user's skill are overcut. You can notice the same on elite packs effects (poison pools on the ground for example)
Is there any solution? I hope the user's skill doesn't disappear.
I don't know about any solution. I think it's some sort of "automatic scaling" in game engine. I saw the same on PS4 but in very rare situations. Some classes affected more then others, Witch Doctor for example.
This is a very serious issue, how can you play this game with effects being invisible.

Please tell me it’s been fixed?

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