Make the borders of primal ancients visible perhaps?

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02/17/2019 05:07 AMPosted by Damocles
Worst feeling is the rift getting closed and you pop the mini map to see there's a primal that you're never going to reach in time...
If I understand you correctly, this can be avoided by picking up your loot first, before upgrading your LGems.

No one can close a GRift until all Party members have used all their LGem upgrades through Urshi.
How can you not see it? I can spot them in a heartbeat.

With the new background you should be able to see them easily
Honestly it sticks out too much and annoys me.
dont change a thing until they manage to fix the random micro stutters for everyone ;)

focus on the real issues!
The red beam doesn't work here. I do see it on my minimap though.

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