Thorny Vyr Archon Build

I think I finally managed to come up with a new build that might actually be more than just another fun farming setup:

Let me know what you think down below. This build is still fresh, and I'm sure there will be ways to optimize it further.
does this even work?

A video without manald heal in a t13 / grift 80 setup would be nice.

All i can see so far is the weapon Hack... And i honestly cant see where the damage comes from, other than the typcial manald heal proccs
Damage comes from Hack, which deals multiplied thorns damage on every attack.

Manald Heal deals its' damage on 15% of your ticks.
Hack deals its' damage on 100% of your ticks.

Manald Heal * 0.15 + Thorns = Total damage per tick added from MH and Thorns.

Hack with Topaz in weapon alone is significantly better than Pig Sticker + Emerald, and Boyarski's is also better than Bane of the Powerful. You'd need more secondary thorns on gear for thorns alone to overtake Manald Heal on damage. Someone else can help with the video. I've never recorded a video before, so I'm not doing it now.
doesn't hack only work on non-range attacks and on the first target hit?
Non range only? My bad. I apparently missed that detail. My bad.
Also the thorns have nothing to do with the manald heal mechanics afaik.

The ring states, that it deals 14.000% weapon damage. So if your weapon has 10 damage, it would deal 1400 damage on a tick.

Hack states, that it deals 100% of your thorns on every attack. So, having 1.000 thorns on your gear / gems, you deal that on top of every attack.

I know, theres some thorny archon around. But this is only some fun build and works without manald heal ofcourse.
+1 for trying something new!
I think the soul smasher could have been fun. It's fun to make a new toon and put it in the cube at least. Find any piece of gear with life/kill and you wipe out a whole room with 1 attack.

~68,000 life/kill * 600% * all dmg buffs EXCEPT intelligence. Soon it's worthless.

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