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Trying to find Rakanishu's Blade with my season-16 character. Only time I found the altar, it crumbled and a rare sword appeared. Is Rakanishu's Blade no longer a guaranteed find, accessible in a Season, or (since I have two with my other general characters) just not available to me anymore?

Thanks for answers.
You should still be able to get it even though you already have the sword on
non-season. iirc, you have a better chance to find the sword with a lower level character(sub 70) than you do with a level 70 character. I did get it a couple of seasons ago while doing bounties at level 70, but generally when I run across it at level 70, I get a rare weapon.
I dont believe the sword was ever a guaranteed drop.

Back in season 7 i farmed for days for it to get the achievement and finally someone in chat had one and traded it to me.
EDIT: But yes, you can still get it in seasons and non-season, regardless if you have it allready. its just rare.

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