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As the title states, I'm looking for a casual-friendly clan as the one I am currently in has decided to go more hardcore and focus on pushing leaderboards, so I'd like to find a new clan before I'm removed from this one. =(

I am a stay at home mom so my playtime isn't what it used to be, but I always make sure to fully complete each season for the Guardian portrait at the very least. (I haven't missed one yet.) After that I mainly focus on finishing up non-seasonal achievements, as leaderboard pushing holds zero interest for me.

The main thing I'm looking for in a clan is a friendly attitude and active players. I want to be able to pop on, ask in clan if anyone wants to do split bounties or churn through some GRs to level gems or paragon (or work on the season journey stuff or "Hey I found Ebenezer Samuel, anyone want to hop in?") and not be met with crickets, or folks just talking about pushing 120+ GRs, etc.
Hi, I'm 35 yo and I'm looking for the exact same here, so I will let you know if I find :)
Yo. If you both need a guild still then SL's a guild for new players to learn the game and get help and veteran players to do alot of the random stuff besides just GR pushing. Gob and hidden transmog farmin, set dungeon wings etc. If you're lookin for a clan to hang out and do whatever with people you can join the discord using https://discord.gg/jP8rUA7 and pang me in the general channel for more info and/or an invite.

Hope to see both of ya join :).
I know my original post was months ago, but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect clan. I've made a few good friends along the way, but sadly never a clan that's stuck. This one disbanded. That one decided to go hardcore. The other one merged and now isn't super active.

Diablo 3 isn't in it's heyday anymore, but certainly I'm not hunting for a unicorn am I? =D
Blazed Alliance <BA> is recruiting any players on North American Servers, doesn't matter if you just like to kick back and play the campaign, do bounties, or climb the leader boards with a group in some G rifts. We like to help others in need such as power leveling, loot share groups, and much more! We also don't mind if you play, hardcore, softcore, non seasonal or seasonal, wether you are a new, old, or have been playing since day 1! Come join the fellow alliance, thee Blazed Alliance.

Msg JuiceBoxHero#11357 to join!

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