What happened to the grin reaper?

Witch Doctor
Good evening,

So https://eu.diablo3.com/en/item/the-grin-reaper-Unique_VoodooMask_002_x1

Sounds like a fun mechanic. Here is an older megathread about it:

But when searching I dont find mention over it anytime recently (most posts / discussion seem to be in the 2014-2017 date range). I thought it was removed from the game for a minute.

Anyways. Is anybody using it? If so, tell us about it?
I used it in a support WD build this season. The mimics would cast piranhas, which can help spread the debuff easier to mobs.

Nothing too special... and the support WD is not meta or anything.
back when we all used acid rain lob blobs this helm was nice. Also the spider queen bug was amazing.

now they are only useful for casting your debuffs, but there is a decent LoN garg build that uses it.

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