Which Rain of Vengeance is the....

Demon Hunter
Which Rain of Vengeance is the strongest:

1) Anathema with belt Hellcat Waistguard.

2) any of the others (which) with belt Crashing Rain.

I would think #1 would be better for your build with the grenades. From what I understand the damage from your RoV is still very very minimal in the total damage you are doing. On my CA N6M4 the RoV dmg seems to be just a spec of the total I am doing.
Personally I like Flying Strike for the cc since the damage from RoV is not a huge part of my dps.

Your build is a little weird as you are using both Ballistics and Grenadier. Usually you want to focus on either grenades or rockets. Since you are using Vengeance Seethe I would stick with rockets. Change your Strafe to Rocket Storm. Change Grenadier to something more useful like archery. I would also drop Thrill of the Hunt since pretty much everything around you is already slowed by Bane of the Trapped. You could pick up another dps passive or a defensive passive like Numbing Traps if you need.

So I guess that means I like #2 and get rid of the Hellcat .
I cant get rid of hellcat RoV is my main dps, so what I did was change grenadier to Ballistics and changed strafe to rune rocket storm but for now I'm keeping number one coz hellcat really boosts the dps of RoV.
Unless I can get the same dps from any of the other RoV as the hellcat I'm keeping hellcat and the rune anathema.
The reason I posted is to double check to see if anyone knew how to use one of the runes in RoV besides Anathema at least the same dps as anathema with hellcat.

thx to both of u

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