How close have you come with an ancient being a primal?

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Just curious that is all. Since ancient legendary max rolls are equivalent to primal ancients, an ancient legendary can roll identical to it's primal counterpart.

(in theory)

So what ancient have you found that could masquerade as a primal?

For starters in the thread, I have a Pinto's Pride for a WoL monk that rolled
650 DEX
640 VIT
6 Crit Chance
129 WoL damage

Okay, not a great roll on the legendary affix but I think it'll be a long time before I find a primal that will outclass it.

Show off what RNG has blessed you with.

I've seen a couple 20/10/100 ancient amulets, but the only real thing of note I think is this pig sticker:

1354-1637dmg (primal is 1365-1700)
10% dmg
7% IAS (rolled off 853 STR)
19% AD
10% CD
29% beasts
29% humans
If memory serves me right, I have an ancient Firebirds helmet with 999 vitality, 1000 int, socket and 6% CC. Forgot secondaries. I also have an ancient Tal Rasha amulet with perfect 10% CC, 100% CD, and socket but I think the int atribute didn't roll perfectly. Forgot secondaries for this one too...
I got an ancient Furnace that’s only 10-15 points shy of primal max damage, with 10cdr—-perfect for a condemn sader; however, the elite affix is 47% :(
I have an Yangs bow

1560-1939 dmg (rerolled, still LOL)
832 dex (thats a bit off tho)
10% dmg
10% cdr
48% rcr
198 legendary power%

going up in paragon, makes dex less appealing and thus coming closer and closer to a Primal :P
the damage stat used to be around xxxx-1700 when it dropped
I have a pair of Strongarms with 20% Cold, 650 Dex, 647 Vit and 6% Crit and 29% legendary power (forget what the secondary roll is).
Obsidian ring of the Zodiac probably rolls max ancient stats quite often.
02/22/2019 05:21 AMPosted by Bravata
Obsidian ring of the Zodiac probably rolls max ancient stats quite often.

I have an ancient OROTZ with all max stats, except the single resist secondary only rolled 208. I doubt I'll ever see a non primal closer than that.
My ancient Shadow gloves.

1000 dex
7% IAS
47% CHD
10% CC
Pinto's Pride bracers for my Wave of Light monk.

+20% fire damage (rerolled)
646 dex
118 resist all
+6% CHC
-7% ranged attack damage
+150% WoL damage
I have a pair of Shadow's Coil that are regular legendary, but rolled well. I giggled.

+499 Dexterity
+499 Vitality
+99 All Resist
My Gauntlet of the Wastes

1000 Strength
7 IAS (rolled)
50 chd
10 chc


183 Cold resistance
1 pickup radius
CORRUPTED ASHBRINGER Ancient legendary two handed sword:

1765-2165 poison damage
6% damage
1365 Str
1334 Vit

15% damage to undead
17,372 life per kill

Still works like a charm.
my poe was realy close to get it ... ho sorry we still playing this piece of !@#$ in 2019? the server gonna close in 2020 so keep it up with your bs happyness
My IK gloves are pretty good
956 Str
989 Vit(Rolled)
46 CHD
10 CHC

Another decent piece is my DML
856 Dex
989 Vit
20 IAS
10 CHC
8 Cooldown (Rolled)
11 Discipline
183 Multishot
My Impale DH's Shadow chest is pretty tasty...

634 DEX
626 VIT
125 All Resist
7% Reduced damage from ranged attacks
6% Reduced damage from melee attacks

Pretty much the only way I'd replace that would be if I got a primal one with the exact same affixes.

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