LoN Explosive Blast

Im building a LoN Explosive Blast build. Nothing new maybe, but very functional. GR70 cleared in HC with crappy gear

Actual build (cus i have Halo of Karini)
Ray Frost - Cold Blood: Procs MoCh keeping arcane power above 90%
Explosive Blast - Chain reaction: The dmg dealer
Teleport - Safe Pasage (actually open to anything)
Familiar - Sparkflint (+10& Inc dmg)
Magic Weapon Deflection ( more shields)
Storm armor - Power of the storm (reduce AP cost)

U. Anomaly / G. Ward / Audacity / Illusionist

Final gear ( I only have the pieces with *)
Lon Set (CHC/CHD/CDR)**
Ammy: Hellfire or any resist ammy with Fire dmg, CHD, CHC, CDR.
MH: Wand of Woh ( 3 aditional blasts)*
OH: Orb of ID (+40% dmg / -20% received dmg)
Head: Dark Mage's Shade (to proc Diamond Skin)
Shoulders: Mantle Of Channeling (Channeling ray of frost while exploding)*
Chest: Cindercoat (Fire dmg)
Legs: Swamp Land Laders (Fire dmg)*
Hands: MageFist (Fire dmg)*
Waist: String of Ears (Reduce dmg from melee)
Wirst: Ashnagarr's blood (Better shields)
Feet: Illusory Boots (Keep walking)

Cube: The Furnace / Aquila / Halo Of Karini

Thinking about to use Halo of Arlyse instead of Karini and change storm armor for Ice Armor - Chilling Aura to proc Bane of Trapped

Any advise to improve the build?, I want to see how far i can go. I´ll be happy hitting GR100 :)
Cleared 80, but with 1 more minute using this:


Tryed both: Elite hunting and clearing all. Almost the same end: safety but too slow.
my LON speedrun build:

You have changed your toon so I don't know what you used for the 80 clear. I'll base my suggestions on your first post.

Changing to a channeling (of course, everything must be channeling after 2.6.1 and no one should ever play anything else or have fun) build will give you a lot of additional damage. Deathwish + etched sigil is x4.25 x 2.5 = x10.625 multiplier. That's almost 14 GR levels. Plus all the extra explosive blasts from etched. By far the superior choice compared with OoID + Furnace. I would also change helm to Leoric (plus topaz) for >90% AP (aquilla, needed if you drop power of storm) and the channeling skill to AT:flameward (25% dr). If you go for arlyse, change bracers to Parthans and familiar to frost nova:bone chill (33% additive damage instead of 10%).

Doing a channeling build however could make one wonder why you don't go all the way with DMO EB. The 14% worse multiplier (x98.5 LoN versus x86 DMO) and 100% versus 40% fire damage (addition of cindercoat, pants, magefists) is less than the addition of Endless walk ( x1.62 versus x2) and CoE (x1.5) (or, better for HC: unity), plus 60% DR (bubble) instead of 52% (LoN), plus a lot easier to gear for.
TY for teh advise Alex. reason for gear change its the last error 1016 when i was pulling 82 (80 cleared). As soon as i get the gear, i'll try again. By now, trying to pull 95 with my WD :)

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