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True to my calendar wielding genius, I have the projected dates for the next two seasons lined up. Included is Patch 2.6.5 launch.

2.6.5: 5/14
S17 start: 5/17 or 24
S17 end: 8/18 or 25
S18 start: 8/23 or 30
S18 end: 11/24 or 12/1

The first set assumes S17 ends and S18 starts before Blizzcon and follows SOP when it comes to seasons. However, there is a second set that is influenced mainly by Blizzcon, but allows for unforeseen issues with a possible new patch (2.6.6). That set is:

After Blizzcon (Assuming 11/1-2 or 11/8-9):

S17 start: 5/17 or 24
S17 end: 11/17 or 24
2.6.6: 11/19 or 26
S18 start: 11/22 or 12/6
S18 end: 2/23 or 3/8/20

Notice gap for holiday weekend on S18 start. Also, S18 end may be extended to April due to Kanai event for March.

Calendar Guru

PS: I have tweeted this info to Diablo's Twitter account.
if they do a 6 month season then it's proof this game is dead.
Such cynicism, I happen to think the opposite. Creating new content takes time and patience. In my opinion, the forums are toxic because the people who post often are fed up with Blizz's (and Activision's) lack of communication regarding the franchise. While that may be the case, I am confident that there is a reason for it.

There may be a lot of things going on behind the scenes that require time to set up properly. Some in the community are sure that the D3 team consists of a skeleton crew, Personally, I doubt it. Everything is quiet for a reason and I am going to be proven correct at the appropriate time.
Is it possible to get a view of the crew? There office?
05/08/2019 05:37 PMPosted by GodOfAllBob
Is it possible to get a view of the crew? There office?

The lone intern keeping the d3 lights on doesn't need an office. He/She just gets a 20 sided die to figure out what item to buff.
Blizzard will not release official release date because of how toxic this forum and most of the community has become.

The anti-blizz bandwagon is in full force and will jump over any perceived slight , justified or not.
@ OP: You basically nailed the Patch and Season 17 launch dates as did I too :)

I knew the Patch was gonna launch on May 14th and then Season 17 start on May 17th :D
It doesn't take a genius...Seasons always have a 1 or 2 week break in was always going to be the 17th or the 24th.

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