Thorns Necro Vit vs Int using Heart of Iron

I know there was another thread regardig this, and the conclusion was that Int is better than Vit or more thorns when using Heart Iron.

When I was trying out a GR109 with a thorns build last night I found it to be quite opposite. When I put all my paragon points in to vit, I was actually doing more damage/killing elites quicker than when I put the points in to int.

I know my paragon in Seaon is not that high, so the question is, is there a break point of some sort? Is getting thorns above a certain value no longer pays off and after that it's better spent on int? Or should i just be augmenting and putting paragon levels on vitality for more thorns?
Overall main stat > vit when wearing HOI. What it does is compensate dps to an extend from dumping more vitality due to no more para swap. It does not replace main stat. HOI needs defensive amulets to run, so unless you have usable kalan/countess/EoE, its not recommended using HOI. Staying alive is more important (aquila), the worst thing can happen is died/proc after 2 mins of BR stacking.

Search reddit on an invoker thread comparing Str vs Vit on HOI from 2016. Even its an old post, the mechanic remains unchanged to date. I lost this bookmark unfortunately.
What Celtic means is eventually true. But you have 1.4 Paragon, right now you feel a difference, closer to 2-3k+ it will sway towards his argument.
Read somewhere else (sry, can't find the link) that the effective thorns are calculated like

thorns_eff = (thorns * int/100 + 3*vit)*phys_dmg

where the part 3*vit is due to the HoI chest. It contributes additive whilst int is multiplicative. So, yes, celtic08 is right.

Cheers Euclid
Sorry for bumping an old thread but I've a question about it.
I've Aquila cubed and wearing Heart of Iron.

As I'm seeing most of top Thorn Necros (HC) don't enchant their equipment with +500 int. In fact they don't enchant it with anything and some of them wearing Heart of Iron.

The only reason I suppose is that pets don't benefit from Int, only from thorns value showed in character sheet. But ... if that value is modified enchanting or using vit gems in sockets, why don't they do it?

I'm afraid I'm missing something :(
Meanwhile, in SC on the 4 player season meta (USA) every single necro has INT gems and INT caldesann's enchants. I see what people have typed about main stat effecting thorns, but the details tab on my character don't support those claims. When I wear my chest and legs with no gems, I have 180,000 thorns (no HoI). When I replace with red gems, I get 180,000 thorns. When I replace with yellow gems I get 180,000 thorns. My unity ring does not have thorns on it, but it does have 600 INT. When I take that ring off I still have 180,000 thorns on the details page. How can this be if main stat has an effect on thorns?

Although if that formula above is correct, then I understand what's going on. My stats don't have an effect on the displayed thorns amount, but they DO affect the damage my thorns accomplish.

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