Inna WoL - Help with Rings - Season 16

Got a pair of Primal rings today but unsure if the stats are worth switching around my setup. Just looking for some advice on which I should wear at the moment.

Current Rings:
Ancient Compass Rose:
90-187 Dmg
633 Dex
CHD 29%
CHC 5.5%
Socket (Rolled)

Ancient Convention of Elements:
647 Dex
49% CHD (Rolled)
5% CHC
200% Legendary Effect

New Rings:

Primal Ancient Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
Attack Speed 7%
CHC 6%
CDR 8%
Resource Cost Reduction 8%
[No Rerolls yet]

Primal Ancient Compass Rose
650 Dex
650 Vit
CHC 6% (Rolled)
Movement Speed 12%

Any input is seriously welcome because I have no idea how to configure this setup.

(For reference I already have a Convention of Elements and an Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac in the cube)
primevil rose is crap. orotz is only an option if sec res rolled. usually you switch rcr for soc.

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