Season 17 LON Build

I know LON wave of light is going to be super strong. But what rings would you guys choose besides COE?
Unity and CoE seem to be the standard options. I was thinking for LoN LTK you could possibly use the Spirit generator ring but not sure.
lon ltk has no need for spirit gen. its obvious that orotz and coe are used. solo unity should be one option but think of the option to have an additional amu :) but dmg wise soj is probably best.
CoE + SoJ is BIS
So CoE + SoJ and orotz or unity in cube?

LoN WoL monk(without the free LoN buff) seems to be weaker than Inna's WoL monk. If you check the leaderboards.
S16 R1 = gr125 @ p3699 (Inna's WoL with free rorg)
NS R1 = gr126 @ p6513 (LoN WoL without free LoN)

I've done gr122 @ p2607 in S16 so far with Inna's WoL, hopefully I can do gr125+ with LoN WoL in S17.

Just checked PTR leaderboards
R1 - gr129 @ p7884 (LoN WoL with CoE, Unity + orotz)
R2 - gr128 @ p5968 (LoN WoL with CoE, Unity + orotz)
R3 - gr127 @ p6369 (Raiment with CoE, Compass + Unity)

CoE, Unity + orotz is probably gonna be BIS for solo push I think.
orotz > SoJ because you already get +100% fire dmg(from ammy, chest, gloves, bracers and pants). But it's gonna be pain to get pants. :(
on eu lb there are approx 10 lon wol in top 50 and just about 3-5 inna wol. lon gets stronger the higher para you have (looks like it does). theoretically it deals more dmg. abd on eu lb there is a player who did a high lvl with inna wol and then got one or two lvl up with lon wol. i know it since top 5 were 2 gen, one inna, one uli and one lon. later there were 2 lon wol and no inna wol left on top lvls. so both builds seem to be pretty even with little dmg advantage for lon wol.

you wear always orotz.

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