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I wish diablo 3 was a real game not a money making scheme. there I said it. so sue me. L O L
Money Making Scheme? Dude, do we talk about the same game? When was the last paid addition to the game? RoS? How many years ago?

Just go and hate elsewhere.
    May 15, 2012 D3
    March 25, 2014 RoS
    June 27, 2017 RotN DLC

What $$$ Scheme ? o.O
Was going to score you low, but you caught a couple. so let us say... 4/10.
Lol that's actually the problem. D3 doesn't make money which means it's neglected by blizzard. There's no continued investment in development because there isn't any reliable revenue stream from the game beyond the sell of the game itself.
If it was a money-making scheme, D3 would be far better cared for. For better or worse, Blizzard is not getting any money at all from the game these days. The fact that they still do things at all (whether people like the changes or not is a different issue) is actually quite astounding in a way.
Uh you completely lost me here. Maybe if this was Chinese D3 where microtransactions are in place, I can see where you coming from, but western D3 literally brings in almost no revenue to the company outside of the game itself, RoS and the dlc pack.

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