Earning Primals

Items and Crafting
There should be a way to earn primal ancient items somewhat reliably.

You stated that you wanted people to be excited over primal drops, but if the stats come out wrong from the RNG, there is less excitement and more disappointment.

My preferred solution would be to guarantee that primals remain primal during reforging at the cube, but maybe you'll come up with a different idea.

E.g., guarantee a primal drop after running 10 Greater Rifts > 70.

Or allow upgrading an ancient to a primal for 1 billion gold.

Or perhaps identifying a primal will give you several choices of randomly generated sets of stats, a bit like the mystic.

I saw someone say in the game chat once, "I have a whole stash tab full of primals none of my characters can use."

Doesn't sound super-exciting for me.
Most of your solutions aren't balanced, but I do like a suggestion that a primal can be rerolled only in primal. Considering how rare primals are it is a fair addition to them because it's really not a rare occasion when a primal is worse than an ancient you already use because of incorrect rolls.

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