Just Reinstalled D2

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And having a blast. I am noticing a lot of things are much more satisfying.

Leveling up, for instance.

D2 - "YES! I get to put another point into my skill! And it will do more damage!"

D3 - "I get to unlock a rune for an ability, or a new ability, which all scales from weapon dmg..."

Gear drops are also more satisfying.

D2 - "Oh, unique chain gloves! I know they are chancies, and they will be useful no matter what, but I hope it's a high roll! Maybe I can use those for my MF set, or maybe I can trade those for something. I have options!"

D3 - "Cool 100 legendaries that I can't do anything with but turn to dust so I can RNG later."

Your merc is also much more useful.

D2 - "Yes! Kill all the things while I sit back and cast spells and heal you! Mwahah! We shall rule Sanctuary together!!"

D3 - "My merc can...cc...and....give microscopic dmg boost....and crack jokes?"

The end game is also much different.

D2 - "Once I complete my build, I will be king of the world! Then I can go farm items to trade, or to build another char, or go duel!"
D3 - "I get max level and finish my build in 5 minutes, then spend eternity grinding so that I can one day compete with bots on a ladder."

Now it's true that Diablo 3 brings lots of QOL improvements, such as...
Huge stash size (for all your items you cant trade?)
Shared stash between characters (not that big a deal, Loot 2.0 kind of negates the need to share with your other chars anyway - your prob not gonna find a sweet item for your DH while farming on your barb for example)
Instanced loot (admittedly, this is nice, and a big reason i mostly avoid public games while leveling in d2)
No need to keep supplies such as arrows, potions, or scrolls (but being able to chug different potions in d2 is really nice)

I'm sure there's more, but the point is, the overall gameplay in D2 is so much more fun and satisfying, I can stand to live without the minor inconveniences.

I will say Diablo 3 is fun, maybe in the beginning. But over the long term, it gets pretty damn boring. The end game is just so stale.

But to each their own.

What are your favorite things about one game over the other? Please share!
I love D2 mood, leveling, itemization, skills, backgroud, story, horadric cube's recipes, runes. D2 was amazinng, and grow to become more and more interesting over years (Bur i would like to play diferent rules on each ladder).

I love D3 graphcs, sound track, customization, cosmetics (like wings, weapon and armor designs). I like paragon level 1-800 (and i hate 801+). D3 Vanilla was so amazing, and it grow to became boring.
D1 = Slow paced action focused RPG
D2 = Fast paced action focused RPG
D3 = Fast paced gear hunting game with zero RPG elements
I prefer most of main D2 mechanics: better difficulty levels, playstyles, itemization. QoL features of D3 like personal loot and bigger stash are of course nice. Endgame in D2 need fix tho and I wish they give it some love if remaster is on works. Need to constant relogs to reset map isn't good.
I loved Diablo 2 during its time, but I disagree with every point made in the original post. I loved Diablo 2 for its PvP, community, and economy. Diablo 3 takes the cake on everything else.
I still play D2. It has never been uninstalled!

Leveling up has to lead to skill development. The D3 system where you 'unlock' skills and skill modifiers (runes) on leveling doesn't work. I also don't like finding and buying skills (D1). I want a skill tree. Got to have it. D2 skill tree is not great but even a decent tree is better than none.

Gear is a lot better in D2. Its not made obsolete so quick. It feels important but not a make or break it think for getting through the game (hell). The way gear pieces influence each other feels better and more satisfying. In Diablo 3 its really just want ever slot you are looking at that matters, D2 makes it feel like putting a puzzle together. If I go with this belt I need to look somewhere else to make sure I get the same resistances, or hit recovery or whatever.

Mercenary is more impactful but returning to town to revive is a pain in the !@#. D3 is a lot better in having the revive timer.

I was hoping end game in D3 would be improved of D2 without totally changing the format. I like going for shiny chests. I like elite hunting. I like target farming certain bosses for certain things (D2 countess, other token bosses, uber parts) but I wanted that to be greatly expanded (something like GD's monster infrequent system). I don't like the disconnected feeling of Rifts, Torchlight Maps etc. What I do like is Grim dawn Nemesis system. It keeps you in the world but presents some extra challenge for your well geared characters.
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D3 - "I get max level and finish my build in 5 minutes, then spend eternity grinding so that I can one day compete with bots on a ladder."


Dude same. I just want to play amazon. If they released a D3 pack for it, I'd come back to try it. Still, I'm enjoying D2 too much.
If Blizz released Amazon for D3 and added two-handed spears to the game, I'd be back like a shot. But the glory of the One True Spearazon will live forever in D2!

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