Any word on PTR 2.6.5

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03/18/2019 08:14 AMPosted by MissCheetah
I would assume we get a PTR and some patch notes sometime in early April. I am not expecting a game overhaul though. Just a new Season theme, bug fixes, maybe some item tweaks and skill balances. The normal stuff.

Of course, it would be fine with me if they surprised me with something more :)

I mean fine and fair, but with delaying the season by 2 months it's gotta be pretty juicy or players will be pretty salty. Players shouldn't expect and accept mediocrity.
03/18/2019 10:50 AMPosted by MasterJay
Players shouldn't expect and accept mediocrity.
Where exactly did you saw that? The guy working on the patch is on full speed atm!
Pray for upgrade on many unic items to boost some old build /skills.
03/15/2019 11:06 AMPosted by SeaBigBear
Any word on PTR 2.6.5, any at all?

Be patient, the one intern assigned to D3 hit it really hard at the St. Patrick's Day party. Going to take him a few days to recover, then he will get back to work adding one more zero on all set/legendary bonus multipliers. Oh, and don't forget the QOL fix where it shows all the numbers on the veiled crystals that one person asked for and they will list as "We have gotten multiple requests for this".
I wish One thing, more legendary powers, more orange Buff items, new builds to experiment, and in future.... A rework of Paragon system, instead of playing 10 years to reach maximun level, that's not the essence of a RPG game
Next Patch 2.6.5 Preview:

We will be conducting the Patch 2.6.5 PTR over the course of two weeks, starting soon. During the course of the PTR, there may be periodic maintenances, outages, hotfixes, or minor patches.

Feedback should be provided in the PTR Feedback forum while bug reports should be provided in the PTR Bug Report forum; clearly separating these tracks allows our designers and quality assurance testers to hone in on the information they need most!

Below you'll find the preliminary PTR patch notes for patch 2.6.5. Please note that this isn't the final version of the patch notes and that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.

PTR PATCH 2.6.5 - v2.6.5.19781

- Did some back-end performance optimization that you won't notice
- Changed the version number
PST not work

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