Sunwuko Monkey King's Garb Name Origin?

Son Goku (Dragon Ball) + Wukong (Chinese Mythology) = Sunwuko.

Edit: Thanks for the clarification everyone, i didn't know Wukong full name is Sun Wukong, and it appears that Son Goku was most likely from Sun Wukong.
The Chinese mythical character is Sun Wukong. He was also known as The Monkey King. The developers "Diablo-ized" his name for the game. The original version of the set had a Daibo equipped requirement (since Sun Wukong used a staff) and spawned clones to taunt and explode (Sun Wukong was able to make clones of himself via his hair).
Son Goku is based on Sun Wukong. Goku used a staff when he was little and one of Sun Wukong's trademarks is that he could clone himself, like what a Diablo monk can do after equipping all six Wukong pieces.

孫 = "Sun" (child/son)
悟 = "Wu" (understand/awaken)
空 = "Kong" (air/sky)

Sun being the "Last" name, WuKong being the "First" name.

So "Sun Wukong" is the pronunciation of 孫悟空 in mandarin Chinese using the English alphabet.

"Son Goku" is just the Japanese pronunciation of 孫悟空. (DBZ is Japanese)
Sun Wukong is a character from a very old Chinese story "Journey to the West." Which is also the basis for the anime Dragon Ball-Z.
lmao wtf you seriously think dragonball has any relevance to a thousands of years old chinese myth?


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