If there is only one more big content patch for D3...

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If there is only one more big content patch, what features would you like to see?

I am talking about realistic features, so complete overhauls of the game or certain systems are out of the question at this point.


This here is my personal list of neat things I would like to see that are still somewhat realistic and don't require too much effort on the side of the developers to implement.

  • Move the LoN bouns to the Hellfire Ring or turn it into a Legendary Gem. That would free up at least one or even two ring slots.
  • Increase the damage reduction bonus on LoN to better match its previous increase in damage (which went from 100% to 750% in the latest patch).
  • Condensing Torment Levels into fewer, but also having Torment Level that have a much higher difficulty. For example: everything until T2 stays the same, but T3 become equivalent to GR 20, T4 becomes GR 30, T5 = GR 40, etc. It doesn't has to be exactly like that, but something like that.
  • Increase monster density in Shrooded Moor rift maps.
  • Give those who want it an option to play with the old Gauntlet Cursor again.
  • Graphically show the remaining energy shield (like from the Wizards passive skills Galvanizing Ward and Domination, or from items like Molten Wildebessts Gizzard, St. Archew's Gage, etc) as an additional layer above a characters health globe: https://imgur.com/mLGC851
  • Let Bovine Bardiches and Puzzle Rings stack. Not directly, but let us transmute the Bovine Bardiches with the cube into a stackable item like a cow-bell and this cow-bell stacks up to 100 times. When you then cube the cow-bell again, it opens the portal to the cow level. Same for the Puzzle Ring.
  • Progress Orbs in Rifts should automatically get sucked into the Progress Bar once an elite is killed, without requiring us to walk over them.
  • Move the Paragon Point Button to the right, between the resource orb and the friendlist & collection buttons, so it isn't too much in the way when you level up during a GR.
  • =======================================

    So, any other realistic suggestions for a last big/bigger content patch?

    More stash
    A real PVP (with an exclusive pvp damage resistance bonus)
    Why discuss something that is never going to happen?
    03/26/2019 03:51 PMPosted by DigChamp
    Why discuss something that is never going to happen?

    I think is funny... just let the imagination fly... I don't know…
    It's like asking why we spend time playing a game XD
    (sorry, my english is not good)
    Maybe they should make us pay for another expansion (Druid or Assasin Pack) and include more stashes as well as any other content patch?
    03/26/2019 03:15 PMPosted by SimpleDave

    More stash

    I think I even would pay money for that...
    more balance changes will obviously always be needed. I would like them to balance different skills that are supported by same set. Take barbarian for example. Every HOTA build is strongest. Raekor 6, IK or LoN. Hota will always perform best because supporting items have highest multipliers. So bringing SS, rend, ancient spear, WW on par with hota by buffing their supporting items would be nice.

    also increase XP gain when playing solo by 50%
    It would be nice more stash, and druid.
    Diablo Immortal - that is Blizzard's slap in yo face for D3's last patch end game
    Change every set to be 3, 4, and 5 pieces bonuses. Add more legendary items in the core slots.
    Diablo 3 vanilla. I want D3 vanilla back. Now grab some stones and throw em on me i dont care. I loved the game back in the day and now its gone forever.
    Allow more than 4 players in a group. 6+ player co-op would be fun.
    I don't want much at this point, but there is one thing I hate not having and that's a searchable stash. I really need to search by name and item type/slot

    A nice to have would be a warnings before salvaging items that are part of an armory set.
    I just want more choices:

    Game start up act: Let the player choose what act they want to enter the game in rather than the random crap we have now(why does everything in this game need rng??). Put a check box in the options for 'act to start in' and unchecked for those who like the random. Check box would avoid the redundancy of having to pick your act every time you start a game.

    Auto-looting: Give us a check box in the options for "what you want auto-looted" For some people, stopping to pick everything up ruins the flow of the game. For others, it ruins the reward loop. Give us a choice for how we want to play the game.

    Stash tabs: Increase the tab limit to 20, 25, 50. Allow players to earn 1 more each season, and make them available for purchase for say $5 each. This gives players who want to earn them, the opportunity to, the players who don't want to play seasons don't have to and can still get their tabs, and Blizz makes some of that money stuff they covet so much.

    RNG in everything: I HATE Urshi, the mystic, the cube. Give us the option to straight buy out what we want.
    For the mystic, say the odds of getting 20% fire damage on bracers is 1:500, let us be able to straight buy the 20% fire damage with 500x the base mats. For those that like the slot machine mechanics, leave that option in. I understand rng is rng and the odds are the odds, but I would rather work towards something than win the lottery.
    For Urshi, let the gr you complete earn gem xp rather than random chances, with bonuses if you empower and/or don't die. Nothing is more soul crushing than recording a new GR record, only to get fail, fail, fail, fail, fail at 60%. I have rage quit harder from this than a HC death.
    For the cube, random rolls are ok, but I think the quality of the gear should stay the same or better. A regular legendary can re-roll as regular, ancient, primal. An ancient legendary can re-roll only as ancient or primal. A primal legendary will always re-roll primal.
    Here is some ideas i got, randomly tossing this here. (Since "Blizzard hears us", apprently. Or not.)

    I hope 2.6.5 will bring real diversity, with new legendaries/sets. Make some skills/passives usable:
    - DH has traps, no usable. Same for a lot of skills, on every class. It's a shame, a lot of skills have cool mechanics/game feel, and we can't use it cause they are really bad. (Mainly because they got no multiplier with legendaries, or not any synergy.)
    - Some sets needs revamp/reworks. Like Zuni/Vyr, the mechanics feel cluncky, even with powercreep.
    - Same for some legendaries. Actually, a lot are completely useless, cause Blizz did not want to add some lines with +X% dmg on items.

    NB: Congrats, you've played yourself adding multipliers. Now, it need revamp each time. Same with sets, worst decision making ever IMO.

    New cube recipe: Primal reforge
    Primals feels bad 90% of time, cause they roll really bad. The item you got can suck for 2 reasons:
    - The item is useless
    - Wrong affix

    Let's try to solve this, as it was suggested on the forum, we can get a new recipe for reforge primals, staying a primal item. This should help getting more useful primals, since they are really hard to get.

    Some QOL for better farming experience:
    - like autograb the ressources on ground. (Like gold, it could be on pets.)
    IMO, it literally breaks the feeling of speed farming. More time bashing mobs, less time click and gather all the ressources in rift.
    - Lobbies for Public games. Like a list, showing the games available to join. With the possibility to give title to your game. Like "100+ GR Speed" or "LF ZDPS". I think this would help a lot.

    And yes, please NO powercreep. It does'nt solve anything, we need content and possibility to create a gamestyle who suits us. Character building is near 0. You get set/LoN and that's all.

    Well, it's only a few i got in mind. But I am not motivated to add more, since we are not heared. I expect to be disappointed next patch, and I am sure I will be.
    ( Sorry for some english mistakes, fellow baguette here. Hon hon.)
    The diablo 1+2 team is now hired and working on Diablo 4.
    Would be the best patch-note ever, youtube would go crazy.
    1) Add several more GR maps so we can have some more variety.

    2) Add legendary powers to items that don't have them.

    3) Fix Calmity's broken power.
    03/28/2019 01:23 PMPosted by RedCell
    2) Add legendary powers to items that don't have them.

    That is more like an overhaul (or at least a very big addition) to the item system. I doubt they will do that.
    More legenderies for the Necro

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