LoN Spectral blade Manald heal

This is a build I want to try for the new season. Using Fragment of Destiny wand and The Shame of Delsere belt to attack fast with Spectral Blade - Thrown Blade to proc Manald Heal ring.

AFAIK the issue with only the first hit from a cast of Spectral Blades proccing Manald heal is still a thing.
I believe the proc rate of Spec Blade will limit/cripple the proc of Paralysis and thus the trigger of Manald Heal. You might need to:
- equip. the Blood Bracers and put Strong Arms in the cube (or the reverse)
- swap Bane of the Powerful for Pain Enhancer
- put in more attack speed (iAS) rolls on gear/rings/weapon (think 5 ApS)
- switch to BH-Spell Steal if you can survive without Event Horizon

In short you need more multipliers than what is already there and we have to also consider that the planner isn't using PTR LoN buff. I suggest testing this on the PTR and reporting back your findings, if the PTR is still up. Also compare this to a proper DMO Spec Blade build.

Reference Material:
- https://www.diablofans.com/builds/89058-2-5-0-txiii-fragment-of-destiny-speedfarm
- https://www.diablofans.com/builds/70467-2-4-blades-multi-purpose-speed-non-in-geom-700-db
- https://www.diablofans.com/builds/68211-2-4-ptr-spectral-blade-eb-74

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